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Maison Valentino Career website

Maison Valentino launches its first dedicated Career website

The Valentino Maison launches its first dedicated Career website an immersive journey in the new digital space that offers talents the chance to discover the world of the Valentino Maison, according to the Global Community concept.

Maison Valentino is proud to announce the launch of its first career site: https://jobs. valentino.com

In a global panorama in which professional profiles are becoming increasingly heterogeneous, it is indispensable to provide tools and platforms that reflect multiculturalism, while respecting and social and cultural individuality, in a constant balance between business and creativity.

The new website addresses the international scene, always with an eye on the local communities. Available in Italian, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, it represents the first digital and interactive hub launched by Valentino dedicated to professional opportunities and career opportunities within Italy’s most established Maison de Couture.

Maison Valentino Career website
Maison Valentino Career website

The digital journey that awaits visitors cancels distances and presents an open window onto the Valentino world: Join Our Community, Our People, Our Values, Our Projects, Academy and Creating Shared Values.

Creativity, passion, attention to detail and teamwork, together with environmental and social responsibility, are the fundamental pillars of the Maison, underpinning the day-to-day work of each colleague but also a tool for growth, enrichment and exchange.

On the site you can also discover the Maison’s two in-house schools: La Bottega dell’Arte and La Bottega dei Mestieri. In their halls, the golden rule is to enhance the skills of the participants, making them ready to take on complex craftsmanship roles in both the Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture.

Roles, these, today increasingly valuable, as the path to achieve excellence in the sector requires targeted tools, precise savoir-faire and high craftsmanship, a multiplicity of knowledge and techniques in continuous evolution, rooted in a heritage of skills consolidated in the DNA and history of the brand.

With the Valentino Academy, the objective is to create and disseminate value, involving throughout the year, involving colleagues in training courses aimed at enriching technical, specialist and managerial skills, useful to increase their know-how. The Academy’s internal programmes are Valentino Journeys, specifically designed for advanced learning experiences.

A Learning Community that also celebrates the customer experience through training paths for colleagues working in different areas.
An online window on the Roman brand, where the elective affinity with its consciousdriven mindset together with the giving back approach, are highlighted by the reference to Creating Shared Value, a digital hub and constantly updated logbook that keeps track of all projects projects to date with a specific focus on: ethical values, community enhancement protection and preservation of the environment.

With the aim of expanding, diversifying, updating, continue to cultivate and implement the heartfelt sense of Community, the Valentino career site is a further important step in the evolutionary process of the Maison in its peoplecentric perspective. An integrated digital experience that aims to search for and promote talent, with the awareness that there is no capital more precious than human capital.
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