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Bomboniere nascita bimba

Baby girl birth favours: how to choose them and when to buy them

The birth of a girl or a boy is a very important event, full of mixed emotions and things to do before meeting the new family member. On the list of things to do is choosing a favour for the birth of the baby girl, a gift to give to friends, relatives and acquaintances who wish to meet the newborn once she arrives home.

Bomboniere nascita bimba
Baby girl birth favours

The baby girl birth favour should represent the happy event, the family’s tastes and a thoughtful thank you for those who were willing to be part of the happy event.

Choose favours for the birth of a baby girl  in specialised shops and assess the different types of wedding favours on the market, find the item that best represents the joy of this big event and is as close as possible to the family’s taste.

Baby girl birth favours: useful tips for choosing
Wedding favours for the birth of a baby girl there are many to choose from, ranging from religious items to elements that best represent the joy of the event such as a pink bow or dummy, a pendant with a reference to the birth or decorative elements that recall the purity of a new life.

Compared to years past, today it is not considered ‘obligatory’ to choose the colour pink to represent the birth of a girl or the colour blue for the birth of a boy. The trend colours for babies are increasingly becoming bright or neutral shades such as yellow, orange, light grey, beige, white and so on.

Those who wish to continue the tradition of religious birth favours can choose among the 2023 trend favours sculptures representing protective angels, preferably handmade and small, protected by sustainable and colourful packaging.

Baby girl birth favours that have animals as their main subjects never go out of fashion; they are gifts that immediately evoke children’s purity and sweetness. The choice is very wide, ranging from teddy bears with a bow on the ear to small lion cubs and animals that most resemble their pets.

Bomboniere nascita bimba
Baby girl birth favours

Candy boxes as birth favours
Those who do not have a very large budget or do not have the time to carefully consider which item to choose as a baby girl’s birth favour can find the solution with confetti boxes.

Online and in shops there are many, from simple coloured bags made of cotton, jute or recycled material, to delightful little boxes available in various shapes and colours.

Confetti boxes can also be customised with the name of the baby, the date of birth or engraved with initials.
The delivery of birth favours generally takes place after the mother and baby have returned home, by hand, when friends and acquaintances attend to welcome the new addition to the family. For some years now, it has become increasingly common for new parents to offer the birth favour at the christening reception, which generally takes place three or four months after the happy event.

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