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Lardini Spring Summer 2024: Elegance starts with sky and sand

Lardini  “Sky & Sand”  Spring Summer 2024 collection

Lardini Spring Summer 2024 new collection: Elegance starts with sky and sand
“The measured gesture, the proud demeanour. A man’s elegance can be read in his soul, reflected in his bright, sincere eyes. An art that knows no falsehood.” (Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky)

The Lardini flower has been redesigned with a fresher, more graphic allure to discreetly underline a rebranding that is a bold statement on the thread of history.

Lardini Spring Summer 2024: Elegance starts with sky and sand
Lardini Spring Summer 2024: Elegance starts with sky and sand

The story of a company that has always cultivated the culture of tailoring and has evolved it season after season, in the swirling, universal panorama that today more than ever exalts a search for identity, in a perennial evolution of self-expression that intertwines with various aspects of our lives.

Sky & Sand. Sky and sand. a journey into the soul of a man who embraces his past and opens up to the future. The Spring Summer 2024 Landini collection starts from primitive elements, inspired by the atmospheres of an imaginary desert that gives chromatic and formal appeal to a streamlined silhouette, minimal, yet exquisite in every detail: from the jewelled buttons to the gold threads that run through the fabrics of the shirts and the surfaces of the evening jackets, illuminated in the same way as the stars dot the dark night in the Sahara; from the footwear that echoes the comfort of babouches – made in collaboration with Lidfort – to the unexpected pendant jewellery that functions as talismans.

Lardini Spring Summer 2024: Elegance starts with sky and sand
Lardini Spring Summer 2024: Elegance starts with sky and sand

Aesthetic influences are deliberately fragmentary, for a narrative reminiscent of 1930s dandyism, 1940s Hollywood chic, and the tapered proportions of the 1970s: everything, however, is remixed by a solid desire for change.

The initial spark is offered by a dreamy, undefined journey to North Africa, as evoked by Paul Bowles’ novel The Sheltering Sky – later transposed in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film – without lingering on folk references or literal reproductions, “but as impressions that kindle the desire for a sartorial style interpreted according to the spirit of the times,” comments Luigi Lardini.

Combining the past and the present in a continuum of sand, water, wind and light, a lexicon of elegance is recreated through slender proportions, larger volumes for bomber jackets and jackets, some of which have rounded lapels like a dinner jacket or even no collar, in the manner of a tunic. Extremely light, they nevertheless maintain a very precise profile: they have prominent shoulders, a tight-fitting body, which, in suits, surmount generously wide trousers and embroidered blouses resembling short djellabas.

The finishes feature meticulous research, the pursuit of perfection in every minute detail in a balance between restraint and boldness, harmony between simple contours and rich details, elegance without ostentation.

The seduction of the trench coat – a true seasonal icon garment – languishes in surprising fluidity thanks to exclusive textile weaves that chase each other to form matting effects, iridescent swirls, and three-dimensional motifs, as in the plain- coloured knitwear enhanced by a sculptural chevron or shantung effects, blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion: linen, ultra-light wools, silk, Tencel, cotton, viscose, blends of noble fibres and lurex enhance a languid glamour.

An atmosphere of relaxation pervades the entire collection, which assimilates from those open landscapes the sense of a colour that runs through the whole range of whites, ivory, baby blue, through oasis green, sunset pink, sand, golden beige, all the way to rosewood brown and ending in total black. A concert of shades that conspires in a mosaic of experiences, emotions and encounters.

Lardini Spring Summer 2024: Elegance starts with sky and sand
Lardini Spring Summer 2024: Elegance starts with sky and sand

A separate chapter for the Celebrity line: an ode in black, white and light to individuality, creativity, aesthetics, and the beauty of the soul that finds its poetry in fashion. Suits for special occasions, defining an unprecedented idea of luxury comprised of grace, knowledge and a dash of eccentricity. He stands out in the crowd with grace and charm as a man who challenges the dominant order and constantly seeks to push boundaries and challenge traditional notions of class and distinction.

A glamorous, charming, authentic star: he opts for tuxedos, bomber jackets, and suits in which micro-studs draw luminescent trajectories to make them as unique as gems, while the total white suits exude Great Gatsby charm. Impeccable cuts and fine fabrics. The jacket fits snugly and gracefully. The shirts reveal a disarming purity. The trousers float like sea waves, conveying an admirable sensuality. It is an intense lesson in style and expression dedicated to every moment in life that we consider worth celebrating.
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