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Grace, Glamour and Refinement in the new Nicole Moments 2024 collection

Grace, Glamour and Refinement in the new Nicole Moments 2024 collection

Grace, glamour and sophistication: the new 2024 collection from Nicole Moments brings trendy style to formalwear for every occasion

Shimmering fabrics, dreamy draping and vibrant colours define the new 2024 collection by Nicole Moments, the new eveningwear line inspired by style and trendy details.

 Nicole Moments 2024 collection
Nicole Moments 2024 

Nicole Milano, the Italian luxury bridal brand known for sophistication, elegance and glamour that is part of the Pronovias Group portfolio, reveals its latest line of formal dresses for lovers of style and beauty.

Shimmering fabrics, innovative shapes and details lend a fashionable and youthful spirit to this new line of formal dresses, with a wide selection of styles ideal for a wide range of formal events.

Grace, Glamour and Refinement in the new Nicole Moments 2024 collection
Nicole Moments 2024

“This is a beautiful collection that combines different influences from the world of haute couture,” said Nicole Cavallo, the brand’s creative director and the creative force behind the new designs. “There are different styles for different tastes, so that everyone can find the perfect dress for their personality and look, and feel confident and beautiful in their outfit.”

The garments are comfortably chic and made with Nicole’s well-known sophistication, with a selection of elegant and sexy dresses ideal for parties, weddings (as guests, bridesmaids or mothers of the bride) or any other occasion.

Evening dresses with a touch of class
Think floor-length maxi dresses with a twist at the front and a sleek silhouette, or elegant hi-low styles that play with the front and are dramatic from behind, or a crisp wide-leg skirt-pant with an ab-revealing cutout for a chic-formal look with a touch of class.

Shimmering fabrics in metallic tones are reworked with side cutouts for a sexy, retro-futuristic look. Flowing, feminine A-lines with sleeveless tops and a romantic transparency overlay are classic, but with a modern twist: ideal for bridesmaids and formal, festive occasions.

There is a choice of elegant bateau or V-necks, sheath and A-line silhouettes, closed or with sensual slits, and timeless pieces that can be worn forever – the perfect permanent addition to a stylish wardrobe.

Grace, Glamour and Refinement in the new Nicole Moments 2024 collection
Nicole Moments 2024 

Collection trends:
Braided straps and draped knots

Braided front elements, straps and draped knots are artistically and strategically placed to enhance curves, adding intrigue and finesse.

Sparkling fabrics
Sequins, polka dot glitter tulle, netting, lamé and shiny, glossy finishes make a bold statement, while glamorous lurex highlights and shimmering metallics bring urban vibes and futuristic influences.

Sensual touches
Feminine necklines, vertiginous backs, cutouts and trendy cutouts create a contemporary look. Uncover a little or a lot of leg with high slits and miniskirts under sheer overlays, or show glimpses of skin with strategic cutouts, plunging necklines and exposed backs.

A dazzling array of colours
From fuchsia to lime green and aquamarine to ultra-modern metallics and shimmering technicolour shades, the colours in the new collection have been selected to stand out and get noticed.

There are also more subdued options: sumptuous emerald green and navy blue options for a sophisticated and timeless look, contrasted by ethereal mauve and powder pink glitter dresses, perfect for playful bridesmaid dresses and festive events.

The new 2024 collection by Nicole Moments is a line of avant-garde formal dresses, true to the Nicole spirit and identity, with innovative designs that are urban-inspired, yet refined and sensual. It is an exciting line of formal dresses.
* La collezione 2024 di Nicole Moments arriva nei negozi il 5 dicembre 2023.
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