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Fashion and art in a beautiful painting: the new Vivetta Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Carmela Trabacco . photo di Giorgio Cavestro
A magic garden in a shining Milan among amazing creations: this isn’t a drem but the new Vivetta Spring Summer 2018 collection. History, art and myth: Vivetta Ponti was inspired by Andrey Remnev.

The Vivetta collection represents art in her signature ancient and melancholic, but at the same time modern and graphic. A painting full of dreams, colors and noble women in a surreal atmosphere. Dresses that look like canvases that project an enchanted universe full of magical elements and details such as embroidery. Skirts that are as light as clouds and volumes emphasised by puffy crinolines. Cascades of raw edged tulle. Transparencies and micromesh lace. The crystal-studded organza is gradually blurred with delicate, lightweight feathers.
Vivetta Spring Summer 2018 women's Collection (Photo by Giorgio Cavestro)
The lightness of these fabrics is contrasted with those of a sturdier nature. The bustier dress is rather striking with its exaggerated volumes in denim which is treated, woven and dyed by hand. And there is a surprise: the common thread linking these two inspirational worlds, the Russian artist and the contemporary world, is actually jeans. Also the black dress, with its decorated white satin bodice, that in terms of cut and silhoutte perfectly complies with the design codes of this mood, has been created by wearing a short T-shirt over a tulle skirt.

The elements of decor which Remnev was so fond of, can be seen once again in the prints, on shirts and short dresses, that have been re-elaborated according to a decidedly more contemporary taste. A colors explosion from the soft blue to baby pink. An amazing range, like Vivetta.

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