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Lucia Russo Urban Couture Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Emanuela Cinti
Millennial’s trip is the name of the Spring Summer 2018 collection by the designer Lucia Russo, founder of the brand ambassador of the Marangoni Fashion Institute Lucia Russo Urban Couture. Lucia is an Italian designer, formed in prestigious sartorial realities Made In Italy, and for some time has directed her talent in the creation of clothing for a non-westerner audience but located in the Middle East.

Simply put, she is one of the spokespersons of Modest Fashion Italian. the Modest Market was born a few years ago and can be defined as a marriage of clothes at the last cry but tied to religious principles. After numerous awards such as winning the “Next Generation” competition and participating in the fashion week in Milan, she takes up the Torino Fashion Week 2th edition with his new collection. The urban spirit is the creative stimulus on which the entire collection is based, accompanied by a readily visible poetic claim on macro-lettering prints and patches of flowers as “post-it paper” on which to impress a graphic memory. Dresses and shirts are enriched by rings and carabiners that highlight messages and slogans for discovering oneself and new ideas and emotions.Lucia Russo Urban Couture Spring Summer 2018A collection of patches, ribbons and fringes marking the transition from tropical locations to urban destinations driven by a great deal of modernity. Lucia Russo’s Techno-Tailoring concept evolves, cotton and practicality make it master.

The white, black and light blue denim coexists with a tropical rainbow of exotic fringes reminiscent of the 90’s. Boyfriend jeans, trapezium-shape and chemisers, patches that create the concept of dissimilarity as a creative expression of de-structured elements that are join together. The colors range from white to black highlighted by shades of orange, yellow, green and blue, all under the sound of the electro-pop track “TROPICAL SPLEEN” (Bea Zanin + Fractae, 2017) that will characterize the journey of the LRUC brand.

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