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“We are stardust” the new Autumn Winter 2018 collection by Chiara Ferragni: an explosion of light and matter

by Emanuela Cinti – photo by Giuseppe Spena
The women’s fashion week in Milan was the ground on which Chiara Ferragni decided to make a “stardust” rain.

The collection is called Stardust, a word with which the designer wants to communicate a profound, poetic and romantic message. According to the consideration of the famous astronomer Lawrence M. Krauss, our subject is also composed of stellar matter; our bodies are imbued with fibers and stardust and are therefore able to emanate light in the surrounding space.

It is from this idea of ​​light and luminosity that the Chiara Ferragni Stardust collection is born. From the bottom of a building under renovation, surrounded by scaffolding, in the heart of Brera, we witnessed the presentation of one of the brightest collections of the week. 40 brave models braving the winter cold, paraded on scaffolding covered in laminated fabric. The path from the top to the bottom symbolized the journey that the dust of stars makes from heaven to earth, covering us all with its shine. The luminous and reflective materials are the protagonists of the collection.Chiara Ferragni Fall Winter 2018/19 collection (photo by Giuseppe Spena)The choice of Chiara Ferragni to use lurex, pvc, sequins and naylon combined with rhinestones and precious elements that we find on quilts, sneakers, sweatshirts and tracksuits has made the collection a real stellar journey, leaving us for the entire duration of the presentation with the gaze projected upward, while our eyes pursued the brightness that each item emanated. The crystals, other protagonists of the Stardust collection, act as decoration on sneakers, backpacks and bomber jackets to create embroideries like “City of Stars“, “Comets” and “Atomic“.

The inevitable logo of Chiara Ferragni rendered bold in every creation has the power to remain imprinted in the mind of those who look at it, performing like a hypnosis. The knitwear decorated by the iconic Flirting motif of the brand, is present in different pop colors, as well as the acetate overalls. Finally, the Active line is introduced in new color blocks, such as military green and nude, in addition to the classic black and white, and enriched with new garments such as leg leggings.

The decision to present the collection with a fashion show-installation in the heart of the city was for Chiara Ferragni the demonstration of her eternal bond with Milan and the desire to share this magical moment with her fans, and with anyone passing by there at that moment.

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