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A fairy tale in suit – Luisa Beccaria Fall Winter 2018/19 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
Entering from the threshold of the Palazzina Appiani you can hear the first notes of the music by Paola Iezzi that will accompany guests and models throughout the show.

The collection for Fall Winter 2018/19 by Luisa Beccaria is ready to be shown to the audience including the muses of the brand that wear princely or complete clothes sought after by the fantasy check. Fairy-tale symphonies that blend with the location that smells of history and art, between the pied de poule and a floral storm there’s the distance of a change of dress.Luisa Beccaria Fall Winter 2018/19 collection (photo by Giorgio Cavestro)If I had to describe the new woman of Luisa Beccaria, I would have to talk about a marriage between masculine and feminine, the union between a power dressing revisited in a dandy key and the lightness of a dream kept since childhood. Being a princess is not just knowing how to wear a long dress with ease, to be adorned with flowers and soft fabrics that caress the skin. It’s much more. It’s look for success in a suit that marks the shapes and translates them into a sensuality covered but not concealed. High waist belts exasperate a silhouette that is not only trendy but also represents the new power of women that moves from the legs all over the body reminding that a midi length gives way to a straight back and a very high neck and a face that can say even without speaking.Luisa Beccaria Fall Winter 2018/19 collection (photo by Giorgio Cavestro)She is a woman who during the day eats life and in the evening lets life eat her by deeping herself in the precious darkness of the night. There is no lack of flowers in winter if the lawn is made of tulle, a robe dress is imposed on the catwalk showing its thousand faces made of flowers, volumes and textures.

This time the energetic power of red leaves a little space for a palette of neutrals with pink and powder shades. The models walk safe and light on the wonderful creations of Racine Carrée who created suede, brocade and velvet boots for this collection.

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