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The Maryling Fall Winter 2018/19 collection is about wild abstractions

by Adriana Zingone . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
The Maryling Fall Winter 2018/19 collection is a round-trip journey within the world of modern art where shapes, colors and lines are the ideal elements of a stylistic language with abstract spirit.

Wild Abstractions: design gives classic shapes new balance based on accessible luxury dedicated to modern, sophisticated femininity and rich in distinctive and unconventional stylistic elements that are a true signature of the brand. Super clean lines and a decorative mood form an ideal bridge between Maryling couture and the mobile sculptures of Alexander Calder, which leave the circus to anticipate multimedia and kinetic art with their baggage of unique shapes and colors. Maryling Fall Winter 2018/19 collection (photo by Giorgio Cavestro)These authentic works of art that were ahead of their time guide a mood in continuous evolution analogous to that of the brand. Geometric formulas create 3D elegance deriving from solid shapes and soft bodies. Pantone colors and mosaic textures form a comprehensive patchwork that is a profound expression of style.Maryling Fall Winter 2018/19 collection (photo by Giorgio Cavestro)This imaginative inspiration goes beyond the ordinary, pursuing a chromatic path that begins with red, burgundy and velvet blue, classic black and pure white and initiates a dialog with a bold, original mood saturated with color and rooted in the style of Paloma Picasso. High-necked blouses and sleek shirt-dresses, slightly masculine oversized trousers, long pleated skirts, and straight coats evoke chic simplicity.

A special filter of modern art and earthen patterns, it unites apparently distant sources of inspiration and cultural environments to create unique couture. Details blending geometric intarsia and elaborate conceptual nuances focus on exclusive Italian fabrics to sublimate abstractionism: silk dresses echo the natural beauty of volcanic eruptions and the distinctive patterns of baked clay.


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