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London: Three days available, one baggage, the heart and go: let’s go!

by Giovanna Fusco
Spending money on travel makes you happy“! Once again I can confirm it: traveling means changing opinions and prejudices, knowing how to ask questions and give answers; it does not mean changing place, but an idea.

For people like me who are full of luggage even if bulky, the backpacks though heavy and the tiredness that regenerates you can not take advantage of a nice trip. In January 2018 my first thought was: “Within the year I will have to visit a new capital, this time European” and among the many destinations I thought in London. I do not know why: in reality it has never intrigued me particularly, but I was attracted by something indefinite and irresistible, so, without thinking too much, I booked for Easter weekend. Would a short trip, from Thursday to Sunday, allow me to see such a big and beautiful city? It would depend only on me! So, slowly, end of March has arrived and with it also the famous departure. Great expectations, a lot of exhilaration and a departing plane: everything is ready!02_londonI’m not a travel blogger, I’m not a tour operator, I have no discount for those who want to travel, but I love to talk through writing and why not, to give even a little tip.
London is certainly one of the destinations loved by tourists and travelers, but in my case, it was almost a duty: I could not neglect such a famous, cosmopolitan, fascinating city. I will try to re-propose a sort of itinerary, compressed in a few days and therefore necessarily centered on the unmissable destinations of the disturbing city of London.

Thursday: Two hours in advance at the airport, check-in, checks and waiting: finally on the plane! After reaching the hotel, arranged the suitcases, in the afternoon the exploration begins. One of the first things to do is the so-called “Oyster Card”. Those who have already been to the capital of the United Kingdom will certainly know it and it is in my opinion one of the greatest inventions for tourists and not: it is a magnetic card in the format of a rechargeable card, which allows you to travel on the metro, bus, trains, without having to use cash or paper tickets. The desired credit is imported through a top-up recharge operation and, as you move, the price of each journey is scaled. Once the Oyster Card has been made to discover London. Who has not heard or seen at least once in his life the famous film of 1999 directed by Roger Michell with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant set in one of the most beautiful and colorful areas of London?

Yes, we are talking about Notting Hill. How I loved this place! Notting Hill stretches from Notting Hill Gate to Portobello Road and you do not need to ask passers-by where you can find the palaces in pastel colors from yellow to blue, through green, wisteria, coming to red: just walk, walk and you’ll find right and left, everywhere. It’s really like in the movies, characteristic, typical, suggestive and of strong impact. Once you arrive, you can not want a house in that street, elegant and discreet. Photo camera in hand, cell phone and off to shoot! The best photos will always be those made with the eyes, but you can not help but bring home some memories. From Notting Hill to Portobello Road: the latter owes its fame to the market that is held every day and attracts tourists from all over the world, especially on Saturdays. The first day is almost over, but to really feel London, one thing is missing: dinner with “Fish & Chips”! I wanted it and maybe even underestimated it: I did not think it was so good. It is certainly a typical dish of British cuisine and consists of a fillet of white fish fried in a crispy batter served with plenty of fries and with two sauces. The first day has come to an end and immediately in the arms of Morpheus!

Friday: The day unfortunately begins with rain and with a cold that I have not felt for some time but, equipped more than ever, I leave to discover Buckingham Palace, one of the most famous royal palaces in the world and today the main destination for those staying in London . Luck assists us and here I find myself in the precise moment when there is the change of the guard: a truly engaging show! From here it is directed towards the palace of Westminster, the seat of the British Parliament, London Eye and Big Ben, unfortunately under renovation. Rain, rain and more rain. The alternative? Go to museums and be pampered by what is inside and in London you really are spoiled for choice, from the British Museum, the famous Wax Museum (Madame Tussauds), the Victoria and Albert Museum, up to the Tate Modern. After a busy day without having lunch, at dinner here is another typical dish: “Sausage and Mash”, mashed potatoes and sausage with onion gravy. How tasty!Tower Bridge London
Saturday: Beautiful breakfast, this time Italian, and away, heading to Tower Bridge, London’s famous bridge over the River Thames and to the Tower of London, Tower of London, historic castle located on the north bank of the same river and I recommend to all to see. Visiting it inside is exciting: the tower is a complex of buildings arranged inside two concentric rings of walls and a moat. It has always played a primary role because it is fundamental for the control of the nation and today one of the most popular and well-known tourist attractions of the country. For those who are students like me, just show a document and there is also a discount on the cost of the ticket. It’s really worth it!

From there, once out, here I am in front of one of the most beautiful bridges I’ve ever seen: Tower Bridge, with a spectacular view, breathtaking! From this area I head to Piccadilly Circus, the London Manhattan, a meeting place and beating heart of the city, full of colors, music, in person, where you live a magical atmosphere and has become one of the major hubs of the city ​​traffic. From here in a few minutes you get to Carnaby Street, popular among the followers of the Mod style in the sixties and which are inspired by many films. Today it is full of shops, luminous signs that stand out among the buildings, restaurants, typical bars. Walking you can not miss a jump from Primark, a company of Irish origin but present everywhere in London, where it is worth entering, even just to comb through. The day ends with another typical and tasty dish, “Chicken Tikka Masala”, chicken with curry sauce and spices. A real treat!

On Easter Sunday the trip ended and in just three days London became one of my favorite cities ever. Sometimes you get back satisfied, sometimes with a sense of disappointment for what you did not find: in my case it was a discovery, a city that I will gladly see again, despite the cold and the rain that has not left us even for a second.
As I always say, travel enriches: there is need of patience, of spirit of adaptation, of the desire to walk and to know how to arrange, but nothing, nothing is impossible if at the base there is the will and the right company.

If you have little time available, try to concentrate everything to see the greatest attractions possible, but without anxiety, because traveling must always be a pleasure. What if you could not see everything? No problem, there is always a next time. While traveling make sure to take a cooler and preserve boxes as these are great for making your food last and thus you can enjoy them later as they are bound to remian fresh. 

There are journeys that are made with only one piece of baggage: the heart“. This is the fundamental ingredient; the rest is an accessory, which you can also do without!

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