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The exclusive edition of Kenzo kids for summer 2018: between liveliness and fun

by Emanuela Cinti
The exclusive summer 2018 capsule collection signed by Kenzo kids plunges us into the beautiful ocean waters thanks to the fresh colors and fun motifs that cannot fail to catapult us to the bluest seashore imaginable on a full day in summer.

The Kenzo kids 2018 collection is populated with new friends, such as the iconic Tiger, which become a sparkling marine rock band: “Starfish Stripes” the new print dedicated to the Tiger starfish guitarist, “Jungle Octopus” the artistic and cute octopus drums and “Sea Jungle” the animation intended for the lionfish from doing a bit ‘gangster that gives the voice to the band.Kenzo Kids Sumemr 2018 The full costumes with matching t-shirt are chosen by Kenzo for the female collection that show off sparkling and colorful total looks but above all the super-fashionable coral-colored robe suit ideal for a post beach with friends. Sea jungle is the new flagship print with striped starfish for special costumes and t-shirts that protect against UV rays. Our friend Tiger accompanies us to discover the entire collection, we find our protagonist on sweatshirts, t-shirts and dresses.

Kenzo kids is the ideal brand for boys and girls from 4 to 16 years. Launched in 1970 in Paris by stylist Kenzo Takada, today the brand makes the garments unique, fun and fashionable. Kenzo Kids is the colorful and playful collection that children love to wear to immerse themselves in a fantastic moment where boredom can never hit them. There is no doubt, fun is guaranteed with the new Kenzo Kids collection, the right spirit to enjoy the summer.

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