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Front row and backstage at Miguel Vieira fashion show

by Gaia Schiavetti
When we say fashion show we do not only say wonderful dresses and exclusive locations but also famous guests, trendy outfits and social talks.

Even the front row and guests of the Miguel Vieira fashion show got involved in the mundane event, they took selfie on the catwalk board to capture the moment, the meetings with invited colleagues and friends and the looks chosen to participate to the show. The front row becomes a group, a community, a special company that lasts for less than an hour but that engages photographers and journalists and even some fans.Kely Ferr . Miguel Vieira backstage
Kely Ferr . Miguel Vieira backstage (photo by Giuseppe Spena)

Different styles for the guests, the front row has been enriched with more or less colored dresses, influential people and beautiful women who haven’t  hesitated to show their legs enriched by vertiginous heels. And yet, as always, the true magic of the fashion show is discovered in the backstage between the hanging clothes that do not lose life, among the models that celebrate another work completed, the experts who enjoy the success of the show and the designer that welcomes guests, congratulations and appreciation … and already thinks about the next collection!

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