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Fashion Haining: from China to Milan Fashion Week

by Cristina Rizza . photo by  Giorgio Cavestro
From China to Milan with Fashion Haining. For the first time in Italy (but also in Europe) the haut de ranges of leather and fur made in Haining.

The project was conceived and designed by HCLC-Haining China Leather City, a service company founded in 1994 that promoted the development of the local fur industry, helping to make the city of leather the center of the sector par excellence, also in made of trends, in China. Presented at Palazzo Serbelloni during the latest edition of Milano Moda Donna. Fashion Hainig presented a program full of initiatives, which sees, among others, the direct participation of Dr. Paolo Panerai, founder and CEO of Class Editori, of the Cavalier Mario Boselli, President of the Istituto Italo Cinese and Honorary President of CNMI-Italian National Chamber of Fashion, of the institutions of the city of Haining, in addition to the board of HCLC.Fashion-Haining-from-China-to-Milan-Fashion-Week-.-photo-Giorgio-Cavestro
“We are proud to present for the first time, in such an important international platform as Milano Moda Donna, the excellence in leather and furs of the companies and brands of our district. The excellent results achieved in terms of production expertise, research of the best quality, development of new techniques, have allowed Haining companies to emerge in the fashion scene and today they can become important partners for Italian fashion companies.Fashion-Haining-from-China-to-Milan-Fashion-Week-.-photo-Giorgio-Cavestro
Xuebao and Foor are two symbolic brands of how the productive activity of a city can become a symbol of manufacturing excellence “. Yueming Zhang, president of HCLC, said. An important bridge between Italy and China that consolidates the fashion business between the two countries.

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