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La Cucitoria

La Cucitoria by Sonja Tagliavini: a magical casket of creativity and talent Made in Italy

by Francesca Fortini LA REVE PR & ADV
Sonja Tagliavini is an unconventional fashion designer, she knows well the art of ‘beautiful and well done’ typically Made in Italy thanks to the path started, almost for fun, when she was 25 years old, which led her, later, to open her exclusive Atelier La Cucitoria, in Via Disciplini, in the historic center of Milan.

An almost magical place, with a vintage style, in which Sonja Tagliavini creates her handcrafted fashion composed of essential, minimal, very refined dresses for classy women, cultured and dynamic.

What makes Sonja Tagliavini a very special person is the ever-friendly relationship that she establishes with her customers, helping them to choose the model, color and fabric; every high tailoring outfit is incomparable and luxurious.Sonja can advise the nuances that enhance the skin color, the lines that thin the body, the slender lengths, the accessories and the combinations that harmoniously complete the look.

Fervid creativity and great talent are the elements that characterize the collections by Sonja Tagliavini, because even before designing new models, she imagines them, already created and sewn.

The focus of her work is the very careful research of the fabrics, which she often chooses during her travels in far and exotic countries; even when two garments are similar, always there will be different details and, looking for particular fabrics around the world, each outfit is truly unique.

The journey, in fact, is a key element for Sonja Tagliavini: “Every time I leave, I bring with me a suitcase full of things to leave in the place, until the suitcase empties, to then fill it again with fabrics.

I love India very much. A poem, a world apart, people are particular…it can be sweet and very hard. The sunset can have strong or soft colors, any place you go is different from the other.

There is the rich but not blatantly rich, the poor who, however, manages to survive, who lives in the mountains with his cows.

There is poverty and wealth, and then many indescribable colors, which can be photographed only with the eyes.”

La Cucitoria is a small living room full of clothes and fabrics in which to get lost to rediscover the true essence of a fashion that really manages to express the style and personality of every woman.

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