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Anna Ross, Junior Vasquez, He Cong, Mammina Aker, Shayna McNeil and Alexis Chaparro

Riccardo Tisci partners with Danko Steiner and Nick Knight for Autumn Winter 2019 Burberry campaign

P.Rew.: Burberry
‘At the core of what we are doing at Burberry is a passion for the house to become an identity and a lifestyle – one that transcends barriers and is inclusive to all.

This campaign explores the many facets of British culture and how they coexist. Together, Danko and Nick celebrate the importance of self-expression and identity through their own distinct lenses.’

Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer Burberry unveils its Autumn Winter 2019 campaign, reuniting photographers Danko Steiner and Nick Knight to explore and represent the breadth of who Burberry appeals to.

The campaign showcases the refined and the classic alongside the more relaxed and free, expressing two distinct viewpoints of one collection.

The cast includes Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Fran Summers, Sora Choi, He Cong and Alexis Chaparro, alongside Freja Beha Erichsen, Finn Rosseel, Shayna McNeill, Anna Ross, Kacie Hall, Heejung Park, Mammina Aker, Xie Yunpeng, Junior Vasquez, Benji Arvay and Maxwell Annoh who all make their Burberry ad campaign debuts.Maxwell Annoh, Finn Rosseel and Gigi HadidBurberry’s Autumn Winter 2019 collection, Tempest, celebrates the contrasts and contradictions in British culture and weather, from the structured to the rebellious, evolving the cues and codes first set out in Riccardo’s debut collection for Burberry last year. The full collection is available to purchase in store and on Burberry.com globally from today.

Autumn Winter 2019 collection
For Autumn Winter 2019, silhouettes are refined through a contemporary lens. Trench and car coats are transformed with shearling and Scottish-woven cashmere scarf details, and English-fit suits worn with double-collar shirts.

Classic styles are disrupted with injections of youth: tailored blazers with track tops and quilts; double-waist track pants; reconstructed rugby, polo and football-shirt dresses. British maritime traditions inspire striped wool duffle coats, pea coats, silk shirts with shell buttons, and pleated skirts.

Burberry codes are explored through a palette of beige, new iterations of the Thomas Burberry Monogram and bold interpretations of the Icon stripe. Fabrics include cotton gabardine, silk crepe de chine, wool jacquards, tailored neoprene, faux fur and fluid jersey – elevated with hand-appliquéd crystal and bottle cap details.

Two new signature bags – Lola and Title – feature alongside key shapes from Riccardo’s debut collection. The Society is also updated in extra-large and portrait styles for men.
‘I have been thinking a lot about England as a country of contrasts, from the structured to the rebellious and free, and I wanted to celebrate how these elements coexist.


My first season for Burberry was about starting to develop my alphabet for the house, it was about identifying new letters and new codes. And now, I’m starting to put these letters together to begin writing my book here, to form the first chapter for a new era at Burberry.’
Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer.Sora Choi, Irina Shayk, Freja Beha Erichsen and Fran Summers
Danko Steiner
‘It was Riccardo who had the brilliant idea to shoot the collection by the sea. The result is that these classic silhouettes of his Burberry ladies and gentlemen end up being framed by water.

The concept of water came directly from the theme of Burberry’s Tempest show. While the ocean is an enduring, beautiful backdrop for photography, we wanted the sea to play a larger part in the images – water is the source of change and discovery.

We wanted our amazing cast to interact with the idea of engaging with a powerful, natural force. I have always believed that the seas and oceans unite us.

Riccardo is one of the most loving and funny people I’ve ever met, and his creative thinking always surprises and inspires me. We had such a fun time making these images. I’m so honored to be part of this special project.’

Irina Shayk

‘I love the direction and vision Riccardo has for the new Burberry. There is a genius to his creativity, and it is exciting to watch it unfold before me. I think the combination of Danko Steiner, Joe McKenna, and Riccardo was a perfect storm of ingredients, so just being able to shoot a second campaign with this incredible team was amazing.’

Gigi Hadid
‘It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Riccardo and my Burberry family again on another incredible campaign. It was a real contrast to my first Burberry campaign, from the location to the styling and the collection.

I have nothing but admiration for Riccardo and what he has achieved with this collection and I was so proud and honoured to be a part of this show, my first for Burberry!
I think it really speaks to the different perspectives and personalities in the world today, and I feel I can really connect with it on a personal level. This part of the collection spoke to my lady-like side

–  it’s more formal but incredibly beautiful and intricate. It’s also intensely feminine.
Danko is amazing at what he does and it was a real honour to work with him for the first time. Working alongside an incredible cast, in an unforgettable location was a time that I will cherish. The concept of the water and how it plays into the campaign is truly beautiful.’

Fran Summer
‘This project is so cool. I remember them telling me the idea of us being in the ocean on set, and I was crazy excited! I mean, you can’t normally say that you’ve shot a campaign that makes you look like you’re standing on water. The concept was very innovative and creative! I’m also so excited to be joining a cast of the most incredible girls.

I adore Riccardo, not only is he the sweetest and kindest person, I feel like he has given me one the biggest opportunities of my career so far – by bringing me to the Met earlier this year, and also by including me in the Burberry campaigns. I admire him so much as a designer. I love being on set with him, I appreciate his knowledge and how he knows exactly what he wants. He’s patient, calm, cool and most importantly funny!’

Freja Beah Erichsen
‘I think Ricardo has done a wonderful job at creating a brand that is inclusive and relevant for people of all ages.’

Sora Choi
‘The fact that I was able to work with Riccardo again was so exciting and amazing. Every moment of the shoot was fun. To be cast in this campaign, felt like a personal gift from him to me, I was so in awe of the entire process. Any project I work with him on, he always finds a way to make me feel included in the process.’

Maxwell Annoh
‘First of all, it’s a campaign by the iconic Riccardo Tisci! I have been a huge fan of this man, his works and his role in the industry. Getting this opportunity was the best surprise because I loved walking his show. All I can say is I am living a dream.

The collection speaks volumes to me as it is the beginning of a new era. I think people have always had a perception about the brand being for a certain age group; for more matured people. This collection is a game changer, with the fusion of a more youthful vibe and the energy that London as a city comes with.’

Finn Rosseel
‘I am always excited about meeting new people and being in different kind of environments, and this shoot was definitely different! Everyone was so committed to, and passionate about, the project and I was really excited and proud to be a part of it. Riccardo is such a creative – I got to see him in his element and it was really inspiring.’

Nick Knight
‘We wanted to break the idea of models posing and looking perfect and show a more real and unmanipulated vision. I feel we focused on the raw and unpolished energy of youth. It reflects the many different viewpoints that are available to everybody through social media. It seems our whole lives are screen-based now, with images available on every surface around us – from our phones and laptops to digital billboards.

The casting, as always, was very important as our overall aesthetic was very young, raw and natural – we wanted it to look like they could have shot the campaign themselves. With the culture of the selfie and how images proliferate through social media, young people provide their own outlets and platforms rather than looking to centralised media outlets.’

He Cong
‘It’s an honour being the face of this campaign alongside the entire cast and creative team. It’s doesn’t feel like work!
Not only did I get to walk the show, but I closed it and then I got to shoot the campaign. I feel fully included in the creative process. I’ve seen the full steps of the collection, from being shown on the runway to being shot in print. It’s so inspiring and exciting.’

Anna Ross
‘I enjoy how Riccardo’s Tempest collection was created with the intention to be ‘including not excluding’. The fact that I’m young and involved with such a grown-up industry, can be daunting. However, to know Riccardo has young people like me in mind, makes me feel much more connected to this collection, the brand and what it stands for.

What really stood out to me while shooting this campaign, was the way in which everyone on set allowed the models to be themselves.
As well as being navigated through the environment, the whole team and Riccardo really allowed us to show our individual personalities when portraying this collection.’

Kacie Hall
‘This was my first experience shooting a campaign, and it was incredible to do so with such an iconic global brand like Burberry.
Riccardo and I have never worked together other than on the last show, which is what made it so interesting. Seeing the journey develop from fittings to the campaign and seeing the project come together as a whole was super exciting!’

Mammina Aker
‘The embracing of diversity in race, nationality and personality has made it not only exciting to be part of this project, but a joy as well.

This project was bigger than me as a person. It sure did pave the way for a girl like me to pursue my dreams and feel confident with fashion.

The warm acceptance that I received, despite being new to the Burberry family, enabled me to experience each and every one of the shoots as a stand out moment in my life. Being able to work alongside iconic individuals such as Riccardo, Nick Knight and Joe McKenna brought out the best in me.’

Shayna  Mcneill
‘The thing that made me most excited about being a part of the project was the ability and opportunity to work with such amazing and talented people.

I was absolutely fascinated with the creative process and being able to watch how such a big production runs. Having the opportunity to work with such talented people like Nick Knight and Joe McKenna was something I never thought would happen. One could only aspire to be as passionate and hardworking as everyone who played a part in campaign.

The thing that made the set so special and memorable were the people on it. From the styling, hair and make-up, to photography, everyone played a part in making it happen. The drive and passion on set was so strong and everyone was so excited and hard working.’

Benji Arvay
‘My favourite part about this project was meeting different models from around the world, and all the fun we had on set!

Overall, what I loved most about this shoot was that there was barely any ‘script’, we were given the clothes and could pose as we wished. The campaign captured the true spirit of being ourselves.’

Junior Vasquez
‘Being part of the campaign was so great – the Burberry team made me feel so good! We didn’t know what to do with my beard, whether to keep it or not – but we ended up shaving it!

The collection signifies a lot to me – I think its traditional, but also has an injection of the new Riccardo Tisci style.’

 Xie Yunpeng
‘I feel so excited to be a part of this campaign. It truly reflects the kind of person I am – I dare to try new things, be bold and expressive and I think the collection really represents a young attitude and lifestyle.

The concept of the campaign was a really cool idea and it really resonates with the younger generation. It’s so common for us to watch other people / be watched nowadays through modern technology, so I thought it was really great to play on that element in the campaign.
Working with Riccardo was great, I felt very respected and inspired by him and he encouraged me to act in my own way throughout the entire shoot.’CAST
Danko Steiner shoot:
• Finn Rosseel (Burberry campaign debut)
• Fran Summers
• Freja Beha Erichsen (Burberry campaign debut)
• Gigi Hadid
• Irina Shayk
• Maxwell Annoh (Burberry campaign debut)
• Sora Choi

Nick Knight Shoot:
• Alexis Chaparro
• Anna Ross (Burberry campaign debut)
• Benji Arvay (Burberry campaign debut)
• He Cong
• Heejung Park (Burberry campaign debut)
• Junior Vasquez (Burberry campaign debut)
• Kacie Hall (Burberry campaign debut)
• Mammina Aker (Burberry campaign debut)
• Shayna McNeill (Burberry campaign debut)
• Xie Yunpeng (Burberry campaign debut)

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