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Laura Biagiotti Spring Summer 20120 collection

Laura Biagiotti: a bow that stands for femininity  . Spring Summer 2020 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti  . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
The Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato is now the symbol of an event that illuminates the Milan Fashion Week with prestige, Laura Biagiotti fills the theater from the first row to the balconies also for the Spring Summer 2020.

Once arrived at the location I settled on the balconies, I am rather high and far from the catwalk and surely the eyes lose the details of the clothes and outfits but the magic from that position is truly unique.

The theater appears huge and elegant, simple in its beauty. A large logo at the beginning of the runway dominates the situation and is decorated with colored beams of light that from my position create evocative but delicate, ethereal atmosphere games.Laura Biagiotti Spring Summer 20120 collectionThe Spring Summer 2020 collection by Laura Biagiotti does not explode, it does not scream. Starts on tiptoe, light on the catwalk and swaying among the guests with the softness of a bow.

The bow that is also the protagonist of this Spring Summer 2020 collection, transforming itself from an application on sandals to an accessory that decorates the models’s romantic hairstyles.

Not only the hairstyles of the Spring Summer 2020 collection by Laura Biagiotti are romantic, but also the hyper-feminine and soft lines of the garments and above all the colors that boast a very wide palette: from white-Biagiotti to blue jeans to vibrant pastel shades. Space for trousers in different versions as the pajama coordinate, jumpsuit, soft and high-waisted, to be combined with structured but soft and oversized linen jackets.Laura Biagiotti Spring Summer 20120 collectionLavinia Biagiotti

These versions of the garment are alternated with stripes and flowers. Chiffon decorated with flowers without exaggeration, dusters that hint at a more sporty look that finds its climax in polo dresses. And a show cannot be defined so unless it has a glorious end. For the Spring Summer 2020 collection, Lavinia Biagiotti has decided to end Laura Biagiotti’s fashion show with the triumphant entry of a very bright Anna Cleveland to celebrate a solidarity that still lasts.

Anna Cleveland has given the public a minute of pure energy thanks to the complete luminescent leggings and crop top that she wore completed by the bow on the hair.

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