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Eye wellness: what to do when they become swollen

Among the five senses that allow man to establish contact with the outside and interpret reality, vision is perhaps the dominant one, making it fundamental to preserve the performance of his main organs, namely the eyes. This means that efforts must be made to keep them healthy, preventing problems and intervening in the event of anomalies, such as swelling.

Swollen eyes: causes and remedies
Waking up in the morning with a feeling of being unwell due to swelling of the eyes is not pleasant and is one of the most common annoyances. Tiredness, sleep disturbances that lead to poor and poor sleep, stress and worries are all factors that contribute to waking up with swelling of the eyelids. But there are also reasons of anatomo-physiological nature, such as skin and muscle relaxation due to age or the slowing down of lymphatic circulation that occurs at night. Blood circulation disorders and inflammatory conditions, such as blepharitis, can also be hidden behind the problem of eye swelling. To resolve the disorder, the causes must be identified.

There are several eye products on the market, available in the pharmacy and also online on a site such as Shop Farmacia for example, which can help reduce swelling. These remedies must be associated with the adoption of a regular lifestyle and the right night’s rest. Bad habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol and sun exposure without protection can also affect the swelling of the eyes and should be avoided. These are also routines that should be taken regularly and pills at My Fitness Hub that can reduce swelling. Ad hoc creams, compresses of fresh water and a few slices of cucumber to be placed on the eyes help drain fluids. Using a higher pillow is also a good way to make them flow down. Diet is another important aspect: a diet low in sodium and rich in vitamins and antioxidants contained in vegetables should be preferred.benessere occhi gonfi
Exercises for the eyes
Gymnastics for the eyes is a set of specific exercises that contribute to their well-being. Moving your eyes from top to bottom and then sideways, from right to left, is useful for example to reduce eye pressure and relax your eyesight. To alleviate the sense of tiredness after a day of work there are exercises that act on intraocular pressure, such as pressing the fingers lightly on the eyes for a few seconds or resting the palms of the hands always exerting light pressure. Another simple gesture like blinking quickly helps lubricate the eyeball. Fixing a distant object or a very close object and then returning the focus to the starting point, helps to strengthen the focus from far and near respectively: exercises particularly useful for nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Tips not to tire your eyesight too much
When subjected to intense activity, the eyes can become very tired and this has several negative effects. For those who spend many hours in front of the computer monitor it is necessary to make sure that the lighting of the screen, as well as that of the room, are correct. Taking a ten to fifteen minute break every two hours also helps to rest your eyes.

Finally, reading glasses should not be underestimated: precious allies so as not to tire your eyesight. The eyes must also be protected from external factors, such as the cold and the sun, especially when you spend many hours in the open air. Exposure to the sun is, in fact, a factor of great stress for the eyes.
In addition to specific creams for the eye area, it is good to wear glasses with lenses suitable for UV protection.

Now that you know all about the well-being of your eyes, all you have to do is put these tips into practice to avoid finding yourself with swollen and tired eyes.

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