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Polo Merci Lacost

Fashion becomes supportive: Lacoste presents the “Polo Merci”

by Giovanna Fusco
The Coronavirus emergency saw many brands and important brands offer their contribution to demonstrate closeness and solidarity in such a difficult moment.

Among these Lacoste, timeless classic, known all over the world for the crocodile printed on the Polo shirts. The brand has in fact created a limited edition to celebrate the commitment of volunteers during this profound crisis by embroidering a heart around the animal brand logo.Polo Merci LacostLouise Trotter, artistic director of Lacoste, renamed it the Polo Merci. The proceeds from sales will be donated to the Lacoste Fund, in order to support the actions of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society. The Polo Merci thus becomes the symbol of the generosity and commitment of the volunteers, those who take care of the others, who serve tirelessly for the production of masks and it is about the care of the most needy.

The polo shirt has all the characteristics of the original garment designed by René Lacoste 87 years ago: white, made of petit piqué, a cotton fiber base woven with 2,500 needles to create a quilted, soft and fresh effect.Polo Merci LacostDespite the passing years, Lacoste continues to occupy a prestigious place in polo design and in the world of fashion; the idea of ​​the heart around the logo will only add value to the polo shirts, making them truly special.

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