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Giro Quadro Back to school kidswear Fall Winter 2020/21

The Giro Quadro style for the big back to school!

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The Giro Quadro Fall Winter 2020/21 collection is inspired as always by travel …

This year dedicated to the New York metropolis, to its mass of ethnic groups, philosophies and styles that coexist thanks to a city that has made diversity its strongest bulwark.

The Fall Winter 2020/21 collection integrates the romanticism of a rouge with the rigor and classicism of a stripe, the retro flavor of an old waistcoat with the modernity of lurex.Giro Quadro Back to school kidswear Fall Winter 2020/21With a sophisticated and essential style, Giro Quadro is a strictly made in Italy brand that, through a “game of constructions” of garments and accessories studied in detail, allows you to pass from a minimalist style to a more refined style, giving expression in turn, to the personality of the little ones.

The brand is the result of the sensitivity and experience of its creators who are always ready to give voice to new insights. Giro Quadro was born in 2016 from the dream of two young women, Dina and Serena, and becomes reality by finding space in the children’s fashion market.Giro Quadro Back to school kidswear Fall Winter 2020/21The words Round Trip take up the idea of ​​the children’s circle. But a different roundabout from the usual, alternative in recalling a traditional and universally recognized game. The name wants to convey a game of contradictions. Because it is in the harmony between the diversities that the world turns.

The brand is aimed at the baby and toddler clothing sector, from 2 years to 12 years, to offer a studied and very complete product. The children who wear Giro Quadro always have looks of “refined simplicity”.Giro Quadro Back to school kidswear Fall Winter 2020/21Giro Quadro produces a product that combines simplicity, creativity and research. Attention is paid to the quality and naturalness of the fabrics, chosen and tested personally. These together with the detail-conscious manufacturing are the strong points of the brand.

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