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Mundane, the punk voice in the fashion of Covid Economy

Mundane, the punk voice in the fashion of Covid Economy

by Gaia Schiavetti
Today we will speak to our most attentive readers, those who are always looking for interesting realities. Well we are also always looking for something unique to tell you about, which is why today our guest star is  Mundane, a really cool project that brings together two creative realities under its own name.

The first is a magazine that wants to give space to creatives and the other is a brand that uses the genius of different designers to create a unique product that goes beyond trends. Mundane was born from the idea of ​​Luca di Fabio, a young musician from Abruzzo who, between a collection of CDs and a careful look at his look, understood that artists never have enough space to express themselves, especially in a historical moment like this in which professions creative are put to the test.

That’s the reason why he decided to dedicate his creative flair to a mission dedicated to creatives like him, giving space to fashion, art, design and a new way of publishing within an eclectic and interesting project.Mundane, il progetto punk nella moda della Covid Economy The Nashville-Milan connection that he created is a relationship between two different lands but not so far if joined by art. One of the main designers of Mundane is Jacopo Peca, aka JP who shares with Luca his birthplace and a passion for the unexpected and the exclusive just like the Mundane product which is as raw as the road but also new and experimental.

The collection was enriched by Denise Roxenstone, a Swedish designer of leather jackets who now boasts a section dedicated to her with an exclusive collection of jackets. Mundane is therefore a sort of label that wants to enclose the rock stars of art, the eccentrics of fashion and the most courageous creatives who now more than ever need a home, cool but safe.

The showcase therefore extends from the editorial project of Mundane Magazine with a strongly artistic and grunge imprint to the brand that gives space to different interpretations of the fashion world. In fact, the brand presents itself with a style so inspired by the States and urban fashion but also by European styles such as the Berlin one.Mundane, il progetto punk nella moda della Covid EconomySo what is Mundane’s stylistic mission? Mundane wants to give free expression to the art of fashion by giving designers and creatives the opportunity to create a unique product that tells a story and that is not annihilated by the need to satisfy trends. We advise you to look at the gallery and immerse yourself in the Mundane style and take a look at their websites ( www.mundanemag.com  www.mundaneclothing.us ) to enter this unique experience that we are sure will grow more and more.

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