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Idee Regalo Natale 2020

Gift for Christmas 2020: our anti-anxiety guide – part 1

by Gaia Schiavetti
Christmas presents anxiety? We at Modadivas don’t leave you during hard times so today we offer you our Christmas 2020 gifts guide edited by our stylist who has collected many trendy and fun ideas for you.

We thought of everyone: him, her, the little ones and the house! In short, let’s start going through all the trends for this Christmas 2020 together and choosing the best gifts together! Let’s start with accessories, one of the most popular and requested gifts ever. For her and for him, watches are an infallible idea: today’s trends offer elegant and refined versions but also the highly sought-after smart watches available in many variations of colors, materials and with different functions.

Trends want color and sparkle, so no matter what style you dare with a bold color. Smartwatches are certainly perfect for sports enthusiasts and if you have friends who are passionate about sports who like to keep fit especially during this period you can help them with the equipment by giving a bike saddle for example.Judy ZhangDon’t forget the winter temperatures! Although not all of us will be able to enjoy fantastic mountain views, protecting ourselves with quality clothing and coats is always important. We can therefore invest in mountain jackets and jackets. Choose an elegant jacket model also suitable for the city and the office for him, or more sporty versions for the boys. To complete the look of your ski friends you can combine a ski or snowboard goggle or a pair of mountain boots. For her, the trend is metallic colors and very voluminous models. The coat is of course the most refined version of the outerwear, but which color is the perfect one? Camel of course! It is an evergreen model that will never fade, in short, a perfect investment.YNOT Milano CathedralA classy and timeless option is the trench coat, a classic and always spot on gift! What is as important as the coat? Of course the sweaters, and that they are of quality! The trendiest models for her are the multicolor cardigans with belt at the waist, a must have. For him we have selected models in basic and always trendy colors, to be combined with ease. Above all, we advise you to focus on a very thick and casual style sweater. For a less demanding gift, give beanies and caps a chance. They are a truly trendy accessory and are the perfect mix of style and comfort. There are the classic caps with eccentric colors, enriched with pompons, with precious applications. For a Parisian touch, choose a beret. If, on the other hand, you have an urban spirit, snapbacks are the one for you, especially if with logos and trendy colors.

The latest model we offer is with a wide brim or the classic Borsalino. It will seem difficult to match but it is really the only accessory that can make a monochromatic outfit unique. In short, clothing gives us a wide choice and many options. If you are thinking of dresses for her, focus on metallic colors, particular fabrics and simple cuts such as the classic V-necks or the round neck: they are elegant and suitable for all occasions. It is nice to think about when all this will be over so why not give away elegant and exclusive items? Although now lounge-wear seems to be the best option, dresses, suits, jackets and tops are always appreciated by women. Even men do not joke and a t-shirt, nice pants, a shirt never disappoint.

But if you want to give a small classy object, why not choose a bow tie? Maybe eccentric one to wear during the holidays. The accessory par excellence? The bag of course. For her, trends want large and comfortable models to hold everything (even bottles of disinfectant), in plain colors in sober and nude tones, or printed. The shoulder bags instead are geometric and compact, the styles are many from bon ton to rock. The handbags models are sophisticated and comfortable to wear but if you prefer and minibag I suggest you focus on electric and flashy colors. Do not underestimate the usefulness of a backpack. What do you think of a nice pair of glasses? They are certainly more difficult to choose but you can peek at the wishlists of friends and family to find the models they prefer. For sunglasses, the most popular models are the sober ones with dark lenses but very refined in design. For eyeglasses, on the other hand, eccentricity reigns and they transform a necessity into an element to coordinate with the outfit.SinobiLet’s move on to jewels, a classy and important gift. In short, we don’t give jewels to everyone! So I’ll give you some useful advice for the jewelry race: if you are thinking of a classic and timeless line, invest in a quality brand that has an unmistakable line. If, on the other hand, you are aiming for a fashionable jewel, let yourself be guided by brands that follow the trends and offer precious versions of fashionable models. Small indication: stones are back in fashion. Spoiler-non-spoiler: charms remain the most popular and funniest jewels. If you want to surprise her, I recommend lingerie, especially in winter and Christmas colors.

Next to the classic red and black we see burgundy, green and pastel pink tones. Useful gift for him? A belt of course! You should invest in a basic and high quality model. Let’s now turn to shoes: do you know that a superstition wants it not to be a good omen to give shoes? We don’t believe it, not at all! Indeed we assure you that they are quite popular… but watch out for the size! For him we recommend sneakers, especially the most unavailable and popular models. In short, if you have friends or companions who love sneakers, the choice will be vast and not easy but it’s worth it. If, on the other hand, you want to prepare your man for winter, a pair of classic boots will surely make him happy.iDO Kidswear Fall Winter 2020/21Do not overdo the colors and materials: if the boots are of quality they must also be versatile to be able to use them always. And if you want to complete the purchase, add a fun and eccentric sock to show off during the holidays. The same rule applies to her too: if you buy boots, focus on the material and workmanship but the colors must be combined. For any type of shoe with a heel, instead, let off steam with colors! And don’t forget textures, fabrics and processes that give a unique touch to the shoe. Let’s now pass to the children.

Let’s face it, children’s clothing is really fun. So indulge yourself and have fun with coats, suits, dresses and shoes. But we have an advice for you: if you have babies at home, have fun giving them some Christmas onesie and then take a picture: you won’t regret it!

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