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Judy Zhang new Spring Summer 2021 collection

Judy Zhang new Spring Summer 2021 collection

P.: Rew Teresa La Fosca – Public Relations & Press Office
In the news Spring Summer 2021 collection Judy Zhang keeps on with the ancient popular Chinese tale of the “Legend of the White Snake”. A trilogy developing through three different collections.

The first one is narrated with the Judy Zhang Spring Summer 2020 collection focusing on the so-called “Duan Qiao Xiang Yu”, namely the fateful meeting on the bridge between the white snake and her lover Xu Xian.Judy Zhang new Spring Summer 2021 collectionThe second one comes to life with the Judy Zhang Autunno Inverno 2020/21 with the most iconic scene of the legend, Shuî Màn Jīn Shān( the flood of the Jinshan temple) where the white snake fights for her love, with the help of her sister the Green Snake (Qing She).

The third and the last one is unveiled in the Judy Zhang Spring Summer 2021 collection with a melancholic but bright note, where the bravery of the white snake fighting for her love is told, sided by the independence and autonomy of taking action in what she believes and in the power of love.Judy Zhang new Spring Summer 2021 collectionThe illustration chosen for this collection is the white snake in her human form, with a dress on from the Judy Zhang collection itself. An umbrella is carried in one hand, in order to shield her lover from the rain and the storm. Whereas her lover, Xuxian, has a broom in his hand, for cleaning everything unnecessary in the tower and for protecting, in turn, the White Snake.

Thanks to their strong and mutual love, the rainbow hits the sky, reminding them of their house near a lovely and romantic little lake covered by lotus flowers. While stained with tears of joy, heart-shaped flowers fall from the sky, inducing them to say “I love you” to each other. Her sister, the Green Snake, uses the Imac for documenting it all for the ages and titles it “The legend of the White Snake”.Judy Zhang new Spring Summer 2021 collectionThe two main characters fought for their love, finding their freedom in it. This is the Judy’s ideal woman, fighting for what she believes in and love.

In the Spring Summer 2021  collection, the rainbow of the inspirational scene dyes the color palette with yellow, green, blue, pink, white and sparkly black tones, thanks to the rhinestones and sequins ton sur ton embroidery. Silver is reserved for the embroidery of the snake and for the shiny fabrics reminiscent of her skin.

The luxurious textiles, enriched by mindful sartorial details, characterize the selective choice of the designer who proposes silk, French lace and special Japanese fabric garments. The snake is still the unquestioned main character, evident thanks to the famous Sozhou embroidery.Judy Zhang new Spring Summer 2021 collectionThe fabrics reminding of the snakeskin feature the distinctive “patched worked” suits in their bright teal notes. The significant structure of the shoulders of the jackets and button down shirts is realized with a particular technique, revoking the moving shape of the snake just like the elegant dresses embellished with maxi rouches on the sides and cleavage.

Finally, the lotus prints colour the unmistakable looks of the collection in the exclusive and sought-after silhouette. The tight outfit, the bodycon draped dresses made for emphasising and holding the body shapes, the coloured silk and pijama suits narrate the temper of the Judy Zhang woman, marked by the courage, the independence and recherché sensuality, constantly ready for fighting for love, even against every convention.

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