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Judy Zhang Fall Winter 2020 collection

Judy Zhang and her creativity is a vision of East and West culture mix

by Eli Zen
Judy Zhang designers’ work through her artistic experience expresses her femininity through her creativity. It is a woman that wants to create a bridge between past and present with creativity, and the designer hopes that these values will influence women in the future.

She is a free independent, feminine woman who has courage and a desire of independence with creativity. A woman who breaks the mold of the past to project herself into the future. She expresses her creativity, her success, independence through her clothes.

The fabrics she uses are rich in sartorial details, in silk, wool, French lace and special Japanese fabric. The main theme is the snake with Suzhou embroidery. The construction of the jackets and of the shirts are important whose essential structure is made by a specific technique.Judy Zhang Fall Winter 2020 collectionThe embroideries are made with beads, that recall the armor used in the battlefields and snakeskin-like fabrics were picked for the suits. Fringes are an important detail that express the desire for freedom and are the ones used by American cowboys. The colors she prefers are the white of the white snake and the green which is the color of the year. Red and black represent the scenes of the battle.

Gold is instead used by the designer to represent the white skin. However, through her collection the designer wants to give a message, namely the strong link between China with its legendary tale and America, with signature mobile and Italy to underline Eastern and Western culture mix. Throughout her Fall Winter 2020/21 collection Judy Zhang is able to keep on narrating the “Legend of the White Snake”, a trilogy developed on three different collections.

Shui Man Jin Shan (the deluge of the Jinshan temple) is the protagonist where the white snake fights for love. The scene is a blurred image of water, sky, Green Snake (Qing She) fights alongside him. The snake plays an important role through the famous Suzhou’s embroidery. The central theme focuses on courage to protect an important feeling, the love to be defended beyond all obstacles.Judy Zhang Fall Winter 2020 collectionThe collection is splitted in 3 sequences a popular story “Legend of the White Snake”. A trilogy that develops into three different collections. The first one of the Spring Summer 2020 collection on the saying “Duan Qiao Xiang Yu” which tells about the meeting on a bridge between the snake and her lover Xu Xian. The second collection in the Fall Winter 2020 where the creativity is inspired by the tale by the movie “Green Snake”, Tsui Hark 1992. The third will be into the Spring Summer 2021.The scene becomes modern with an image of an American smartphone displaying a text saying “aiuto-help.”

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