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Controllo della vista: come si misurano le diottrie

View control: how diopters are measured

Surely more than someone had to wear glasses as a child, which in some cases may have been the cause of some small insecurity, even if, to date, there are very pleasant, nice and suitable for children on the market.

Currently suffering from a visual defect is no longer a problem thanks to the possibility of being able to buy very beautiful, comfortable and fashionable glasses, which allow you to adequately correct any type of defect.Controllo della vista: come si misurano le diottrieWhy wear glasses
That said, most people who wear glasses do so because they have to resolve visual defects, more or less serious depending on the case. Or you use lenses without correction, which however allow you to filter the blue-violet light, the one produced by the screens of electronic devices.

Thanks to this additional protection, problems of various kinds are avoided, as well as decreases the probability of the onset of some serious eye diseases. Glasses are also a nice accessory, if you choose the frame carefully you can also use them to enhance and emphasize some facial features, or to hide some small problems.Controllo della vista: come si misurano le diottrieWhen to check your eyesight
It should also be remembered that over the years a visual defect can worsen, as well as new ones, related above all to the aging of the structures that make up the eye. For this, it is necessary to periodically make visits to the optician, who in some cases offers the possibility of having a
completely free vision test, lasting a few minutes. Thanks to regular checks, in fact, you have the possibility not only to change the correction of the glasses you are already wearing, but also to evaluate the possible occurrence of new problems.

Presbyopia is one of the visual defects that most frequently affect with advancing age. However, there are also some pathologies and problems of another kind, related to the lifestyle and the profession that takes place. Identifying them in time allows you to cure them, or correct them in the best possible way.Controllo della vista: come si misurano le diottrieHow diopters are measured
The trusted optician is certainly equipped with all the necessary instrumentation to measure diopters; it is a routine check, which allows you to assess visual acuity, the onset of specific problems and pathologies, as well as the possible worsening of a previously diagnosed visual defect.

This is a non-invasive examination, which takes place in a quiet environment and through the use of special computerized devices. Using an auto refractometer, the optician is able to accurately measure the possible presence of a visual defect; if this defect is actually present, it will use a phoropter to choose the correct shade of the glasses to wear. We are talking about a control lasting about 20 minutes, which does not cause any kind of discomfort or pain.Controllo della vista: come si misurano le diottrieHow often to get a vision test
Anyone who regularly wears glasses knows that at least every 1 or 2 years
it is important to have a new vision test. This is because visual acuity can worsen over time, just as it can happen with vision defects. In general, a first vision test is performed around 3-4 years of age, to evaluate any congenital visual defects or those related to eye development.

If no defects of any kind are found, another vision test is usually done later in the year, at the beginning of school. In this way it is possible to treat visual defects such as strabismus. For those without visual defects, a visit every 4-6 years is ideal; period that is halved after 40-45 years.

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