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I 7 consigli di Gympass per rendere il ritorno in palestra il primo successo del 2022

Gympass 7 tips to make returning to the gym the first success of 2022

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At the beginning of each year, the gyms fill up with people ready to change their lifestyle, but what happens after a few weeks? Gympass has the solution to realize one of the most frequent good intentions

For gyms, the first month of the year is always one of the busiest: the transition to the new year is seen as a perfect opportunity to rethink the one just ended and make important changes – learn a new language, change jobs or have one. more active lifestyle.

But sometimes the force of habit and the small difficulties related to change end up ruining all the best intentions. How to prevent this from happening again in 2022? Gympass, the largest corporate wellbeing platform in the world, has come up with 7 practical tips to start the year with the right mindset and make returning to the gym a real success.I 7 consigli di Gympass per rendere il ritorno in palestra il primo successo del 20221. Calmly return to your habits: Whether it’s a return to the gym after a hiatus or a fresh start from scratch, it’s important to keep in mind that no significant changes are achieved with just one training session. It is important to take the time to get used to playing sports and make sure not to overdo it, otherwise you risk finding yourself exhausted from the start and ending up giving up the idea of going to the gym. In addition, the risk of getting hurt is greater when you have not played sports for a long time or are not used to it.

2. Finding the right sport for you: Gone are the days when you only had a few options for practicing sports. Today there is a huge variety of gyms and activities, and everyone can find the option that suits them best. Group courses, boxing lessons, aquagym, pilates, crossfit… The possibilities are almost endless, and being able to try different disciplines and centers is the key to finally finding your favorite sport!

3. Integrate sport into your routine: physical exercise does not have to be a great sacrifice, otherwise it will only be a matter of time before giving it up. This must be kept in mind when choosing a gym and a discipline: a center located near the office or home, easy to reach, will give you the right boost to find the consistency you need when it comes to having to train.I 7 consigli di Gympass per rendere il ritorno in palestra il primo successo del 20224. Rest is also important: when exercising, the body takes extra effort to achieve certain results. In order for the body to show the results of this hard work, it is necessary to take care of it. In this sense, you have to learn to switch off and relax, sleeping for a minimum of seven hours and letting your mind get enough rest as well. Similarly, it is possible to use a gym with a spa, which offers post-workout services to “reset” the body and mind such as a sauna, Turkish bath or hydrotherapy.

5. Keyword to have fun: it is important to remember that you play sports to feel good about yourself, improve your health and stay active. Sport must never become an obligation. So, when your favorite sport starts to get boring, it means that the time has come for a change; without fear of trying new things or group activities capable of renewing one’s commitment to wellness and sport.

6. Do not set short-term goals: let’s forget about miraculous workouts or exercises with which to magically burn fat and make the abdominal turtle appear. The results come over time, with a lot of perseverance and a certain amount of dedication, but you don’t need to be stressed to reach an immediate goal because it may not be realistic. Above all, it should be kept in mind that both training and nutrition must be suited to your needs and possibilities, your routine and your long-term goals. Not the other.I 7 consigli di Gympass per rendere il ritorno in palestra il primo successo del 20227. Asking for help is important: if you have the perception that you are not progressing in achieving your goals, don’t hesitate and ask for help from the experts. To get help, just ask the gym instructors and personal trainers for support: they have received specialized training and know better than anyone how to guide those who train.

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