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Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2022

Heroines over time, the new collection by Vivienne Westwood, Bridal 2022

by Giorgia Crescia
Seeing a bride wearing a Vivienne Westwood can only remind us of her, her that we loved madly, who?

But of course, Carrie Bradshaw, in “Sex and the City”, wearing her gorgeous Vivienne Westwood. This is to say that Ms. Westwood’s brides always do a certain effect.

The new Bridal 2022 line signed by the designer is certainly no less. Elegant and strong figures parade on the catwalk, inspired by the heroines and icons of all times.
The line is divided into three Made-to-Order capsules, Couture and Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2022 MadeToOrder
Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2022 MadeToOrder

Made-to-Order is one of the three capsules present in the Bridal 2022 collection, the idea is that of the new beginning, which develops through three-dimensional figures, transparent fabrics and transformative elements. The cuts create ethereal looks and the corsets, covered with tulle, show a romantic character.

The floral details convey the idea of ​​rebirth, the starting engine of line; three-dimensional flowers characterize the corset of the Venus mini dress, while

the long Rhea dress is identified through the floral embroidery and the cascade of ivy, on the transparent body. Made-to-Order consists of 15 dresses and 9 separate styles in luxurious fabrics and finishes. The fabrics are low environmental impact, recycled ivory tulle and certified viscose FSC as a vegan alternative to silk.

Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2022 Couture
Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2022 Couture

The Vivienne Westwood Couture 2022 Bridal Collection is inspired by heroines represented in painting and told in Greek literature and by strong figures feminine to this day. Starting from these inspirations, the shift is outlined Modern Westwood, with delicate and opulent details.

The modern style is sewn to the historical cuts through crystals, embroidery, pearls, lace Chantilly and floral details. Lace and tulle draped with pastel-colored roses, love letters embroidered on transparent veils or hidden in silk, embroidered overcoats with pearls and feathers.

The Andreas Kronthaler Spring Summer 2022 line includes bridal looks from pop taste, which play and experiment with proportions. The line made of tulle embroidered, moiré silk and draped Chantilly lace, with feather trims, bows in taffeta and silk, it is characterized by hourglass silhouettes that recall the image Marilyn Monroe and the 1950s figures; in the line there is also a reference to the 18th century court of Versailles and a reinterpretation of a dress of Mary Antonietta.

Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2022 AKVW
Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2022 AKVW

Vivienne Westwood not only emphasizes the use of low-impact fabrics environmental, but also on forms of sustainable production that help support the specialized work of tailors and local communities. The Bridal collections are designed, made and sampled by hand in England, through British tailoring techniques.

What’s more, Vivienne Westwood’s tailor team offers a new service, which it has the purpose of transforming, after the wedding, the dress by eliminating waste and giving it new life to fabrics. The clothes through dyes, alterations of shapes, embroidery or applications are transformed into timeless garments, suitable for any occasion.

Through this practice, reuse is encouraged and waste, inherent in the capitalist society is fought. Only Vivienne Westwood could have allowed the world to wear a wedding dress on any day.
She is an eternal punk and rebellious soul.
Vivienne Westwood Made-to-Order

Vivienne Westwood Couture 2022

 Andreas Kronthaler

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