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Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture returns to sparkle with the Spring Summer 2023 collection

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Juicy Couture
returns for the 2023 season and is ready to spark the Italian and European market thanks to a new generation of Juicy girls who are falling in love with the brand’s inimitable comfy-cool interpretation.

The famous Los Angeles-based brand pioneered slounge fashion (a mix of sport and lounge) and became a style phenomenon in the 2000s thanks to the iconic velour tracksuit worn by celebrities.

Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture Primavera Estate 2023

Juicy Couture is a glamorous, irreverent and fun lifestyle brand that brings the style and mood of Los Angeles to women and girls all over the world. The American brand has been one of the forerunners of casual-luxury fashion in everyday life, providing a surprise effect season after season. The collections offer clothing, bags, shoes, underwear, beachwear as well as fragrances, accessories and jewellery.

The Black Label represents Juicy Couture’s iconic line, full of nostalgia with an updated contemporary twist. This line introduces exclusive fabrics and finishes such as the renowned jumpsuit revamped and offered in a luxury version.

Classic in chenille
Black Label sees the return of the Juicy Couture lines presented in timeless classic velour, a silky chenille with a glossy finish. Shapes with hints of the past, gothic zips, a mid-rise fit and classic chenille are a wardrobe staple and synonymous with the Juicy Couture heritage.

Diamond bow logo on chenille
New for the Spring Summer 2023 collection is the addition of the famous ‘East Los Angeles’ under the diamond arch of the Juicy Couture logo. An alternative to the classic Robertson and Del Rey, this new logo is also proposed on summer dresses and T-shirts.

Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture Spring Summer 2023 

Recycled cotton ‘Made in Europe
Acting consciously and moving towards a responsibility of eco-sustainability, Black Label offers the iconic Robertson and Del Rey styles in a premium recycled cotton with an over fit. Completely sustainable from production and processing to metal parts and finishes, Juicy Couture presents the new suit in a new and conscious design.

Expanding the Premium line, a capsule collection of cotton models with a wider fit adds high comfort to the wardrobe. Contrasting colours stand out in the logo ‘East. Los Angeles’; a nod to the brand’s heritage and the Los Angeles lifestyle.

White label a touch of Juicy
This season, Juicy Couture dives into a cyber world, where glamour is combined with a cheeky delicacy. Prints show a new digital era, combined with Juicy’s undisputed femininity through enchanting hearts and sweet cherries. Reptile print details are veiled with bold weaves and iridescent appliqués. The Spring Summer 2023 colour palette boasts a mix of lime and cherry pink tones, and new silhouettes of low-waisted skirts and trousers nod to the seductive essence of the ’90s and the realm of Juicy Couture.

This season, Juicy Couture’s Sport collection, presented in shades of pink and lime, extends its breathability and sweat-absorbing capacity through ‘Quick Dry’. Bralettes and leggings are the essentials that make up the Spring Summer 2023 collection for style lovers even in their free time.

The Spring Summer 2023 season presents a comprehensive assortment of footwear styles that embody the Juicy Couture DNA. The collection offers models perfect for all occasions, from ceremonies to hot summer nights. Trainers are embellished with rhinestones and python print inserts, while ’90s soles and mules enhance Juicy’s bold style. In contrast, the mid-heel models, velvet or rhinestone mules and refined sling backs are perfect for those who mirror the brand’s glamour and charisma.

Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture Spring Summer 2023 

Precious and elevated, the bags collection presents Juicy Couture’s iconic shapes interpreted in a contemporary key. The combination of exclusive workmanship and finishes well represent the Juicy Couture style and make it a precious, glamorous, must-have collection. The bags collection is very extensive and is divided into different lines that will not fail to amaze in terms of colour and originality.

Sinuous in its lines and iconic in its material, Primerose is one of Juicy Couture’s timeless classics. Precious tone-on-tone embroidery with micro diamonds, combined with velvet and soft-line volume, give Primerose an unmistakably luxurious look.

Nostalgic in its shape and combination of embroidery and velvet, Hollyhock represents the line that most identifies the Juicy Couture bags style. Lines with a retro flavour blend with romantic and feminine details, while the iconic embroidery, created with unusual colour contrasts, give it a renewed contemporary look.

 Rambling Velvet and nylon
Logo all over in crystals on a velour base, Rambling transports us to a new elaboration of the Juicy Couture image. The soft, enveloping base contrasts with throbbing crystals that give the surface of the bag an irresistible sheen.

Another proposal from the Ramblig collection is the monogram diamonds that embellish a nylon base. Black diamonds burst through the fabric and set against contrasting colours, giving it a bold and cheeky tone.

Soft and enveloping volumes, unusual and brazen accessories. Alyssa enhances the sophistication of the finishes with metals that no longer wear the usual colours. Metallic pink, metallic blue in nuance or contrasting colours, give lively and overwhelming gleams.

Inspired by bright and cheerful colours Foxglove plays with unusual volumes and trap-style details. Maxi zips, the monogram and the zip puller; each detail is amplified and enhanced by the metal, making the image bold and feminine.

Sober shapes outlined by contrasting cuts enhance the splendour of metal. The unmistakable brand becomes maxi, shimmering and three-dimensional, a prelude to the fabulous laminated silver interior. On the side, on the handles and on the loops, the Juicy Couture inscription takes centre stage, giving the bags a clean but decidedly gritty look.

Nuances of bright colours shake up the understated shapes, Jasmine Shaded amplifies the contemporary look. Acid green, white, peach, pink and lilac fade and blend in plays of colour enhancing the metal details.

Mini volumes with contrasting cuts enhance the smooth faux leather surface in pastel colours. The maxi chain in coloured resin and antique gold underline the vintage flavour, emphasising the logoed charms. Jasmine Charm is a perfect mix of freshness and femininity that evokes spring seasons.

Playful and colourful Jasmine Charm Colourblock looks like a delicious box of sweets. Its pastel colours juxtaposed with each other reinforce its feminine and cheerful soul.

Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture Spring Summer 2023 

Soft and malleable, the material blends with a delicately balanced palette inspired by blooming gardens. Antique gold details and tone-on-tone embossed lettering trace the romantic character of the Susan line.

Wisteria is a trip down memory lane; retro references are juxtaposed with all-over jacquard fabrics and saddlery details. All-over jacquard fabrics and saddlery details, with golden trimmings that recall Juicy’s historic reign.

Colourful hand-woven yarns form a soft, undulating weave. The cotton surface lights up with shimmering gold detailing. Jodie combines the sophistication of materials with the freshness of summer colours.

Heart party bag
Ironic, unexpected, irreverent, Heart combines an iconic Juicy Couture shape with the pastel, metallic glow of an arctic afternoon. The body and details come together in a single metallic hue that throbs, reflects and enhances the shape.

Pave’ party bag
Vivid metallic tones precipitate and condense into a marvel of icy crystals. Colour takes shape on rhinestones, metallics and Juicy Couture lettering, Pavè is a moon sparkling with arctic reflections.

Iris velvet and Straw
With a range of playful yet soft tones, the palette reinforces the idea of a nostalgic reworking. Material and form are completely inspired by the textile world, making Iris Velvet an extension of the body, while contrasting embroidery outlines the shape.

With a subtle 70s undertone, the palette ranges from acid greens and bright pinks to touches of nautical blue that enliven the range. Contrasting lettering and stripes enhance the sporty, carefree spirit, while knitted straw defines an unexpected, modern take on the look.

Rosmarie Velvet and Straw
Classic and timeless in form, the Rosmarie shopping bag wears unusual materials and colours. Contrasting velour with embroidery and pu creates surprisingly contemporary effects, transforming its retro charm into a contemporary vision.

Unpredictable colours on knitted effect straw, amplified contrasting embroidery. Rosmarie Straw emphasises its summery and exuberant character, maintaining timeless volumes and lines.

Alongside this collection, Glamour is expressed through matching bags, full of crystals in barrell and mini totes, which add a ‘Juicy’ touch to any evening outfit. Iridescent logo chain bags complement the luxurious looks of the Black Label clothing line

Mandella & Astina
Soft, enveloping velvet blends a glam soul with playful femininity. Pastel colours emphasise the boyish character, while the addition of rhinestones enhances the nostalgic look inspired by the pop icons of the 2000s. Astina and Mandella enhance ultra-femininity suspended between innocence and sensuality.

The unmistakable velvet merges with an iconic shape. Kaeblo blends with delicately balanced nuances between sweet floral tones and acid green. The soft, fluffy material encapsulates the feminine soul, while metal details reinforce the strong character.

Louisa, May & Alcott Crystal
Sparkling faceted stones give off boreal glow, outlining small shapes with essential geometries. The bag appears as a galaxy of luminous stars that reveal through the play of light and colour an unmistakable logo.

Toyin & Segolene
Shimmering like armour and soft as fabric, Toyin and Segolene highlight their evocative and sensual character. Metallic mesh blends with tone-on-tone nuances and rhinestone details giving a glamorous, exciting and contemporary image.

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