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Prénatal collezione Primavera Estate 2020

Prénatal for a colorful spring and a sunny summer

by Giorgia Crescia  
Color, the watchword of the new Spring Summer 2020 collection by Prénatal; a line that satisfies mothers and children.

The new collection features several capsules suitable for everyone’s needs, newborn 0-9 months, baby 3-36 months and kid 3-8 years and not only, the capsules are also dedicated to pregnant women, both clothing lines and underware.Prénatal collezione Primavera Estate 2020Yellow is the color that characterizes the newborn’s “sunny” capsules intertwined with sugar paper; the line is enriched with very sweet teddy bear prints that embellish the baby girl’s onesie and dress.In the baby the color of the sun inspires the “indigo and flower” capsule, here we find the denim dress with romantic applications of small flowers on the smocking point; yellow also dyes the t-shirts combined with the denim skirt or the overalls with sangallo skirt.

For 3-8 years the brand offers indigo palazzo pants, a yellow mini skirt decorated with ruffles that also embellish the shorts.

The must have of the entire collection is also red accompanied by blue; in the newborn male there is an interesting use of vicky accompanied by the figure of the bear, this line is conceived on the concept of a comfortable and quick change and for this reason it is made up of rompers with different openings and the set with romper, suit and overalls.

For the girl, the play of colors is created by lines on the rompers, a classy note given by the flowers that decorate different garments, such as the set consisting of the floral jersey, denim-effect dungarees and ruches.

For baby boys Prénatal has created the mouse shirt with mobile glasses as an application; for baby and kid girls, on the other hand, there are wide flowery trousers that can be combined with the chanel collar sweatshirt in the kid line (3-8 years).

The 2 special capsules that pay attention to the environment are very interesting, created in organic cotton, or through fabrics and organic cotton, grown without pesticides and toxic substances.

Relevant to the important topic much discussed in 2020, on the importance of preserving our planet, we find the capsule “dangerous water”, a line with images and writings that urge the little ones to pay attention to marine fauna and the importance of  not polluting. In this capsule the colors of the aquatic world stand out and the protagonists are its inhabitants, with prints of turtles with mask and snorkel, sharks and octopuses that collect the garbage.

The Prènatal Spring Summer 2020 collection has also created the elegant capsule for all its customers.Prénatal collezione Primavera Estate 2020Prènatal does not forget mothers and the importance of helping them feel beautiful and comfortable, accompanying them during the 9 months.In fact, within the collection there is the “mom to be” capsule, a comfortable line with curls on the belly and openings for breastfeeding. For the day by day, the brand offers a wide selection of denim, leggings and sweaters, but also offers fashion garments to enhance the femininity of all mothers.

The “audry’s style” capsule alternates black and white, polka dots and vichy; inside are the dress with large and small polka dots, three-quarter pants with slits and the vichy blouse.

Prénatal has also created a capsule for mothers where yellow is the protagonist always combined with sugar paper, which characterize the long dress and floral blouses.

Great space for color blocking, in which red and maxi floral prints are predominant.

The brand accompanies new mothers, also creating underware lines for them, in which there is a wide choice of bras and nightwear. Pajamas with cute character prints or for a more feminine look with the reinterpretation of animal prints, small polka dots in blue and white.

A complete line, suitable for everyone and for any occasion; cheerful thanks to the use of colors and patterns, for a sunny and joyful summer, a colorful spring full of flowers and for special and happy moments, Prénatal offers a complete package in the new Spring Summer 2020 collection.

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