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Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023

Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023 collection

The Anteprima brand celebrates its 30th Anniversary and presents the new Spring Summer 2023 in special collaboration with Marcello Morandini

For the Spring Summer 2023 collection, Izumi Ogino, Creative Director of Anteprima, interprets the history of the brand by carrying forward the values that have always characterised its identity: memory of the past to imagine the future and intuitive and dynamic style for a contemporary fashion capable of dressing all women.

Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023
Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023

Always linked to design, the designer was inspired by the art of the late 60s and early 70s, the period of the contemporary art boom and the golden age of fashion.

Catherine Deneuve is Izumi Ogino’s inspirational muse who not only dominated glamour, but has the inner strength and self-confidence that the designer wants to convey to all women.

Minimalist artist and visual painter Carmen Herrera was a source of inspiration to best interpret Anteprima’s values of vitality, research and innovation: her vivid and bold works are reflected in the collection in colour block prints, with contrasting yet complementary shades such as blue and yellow.

The special collaboration with Marcello Morandini, Italian architect, sculptor and graphic designer is instead reflected in the prints amplified to oversize proportions, in the black/white contrast reflecting the positive and negative binomials, stillness and movement.

Morandini celebrates the 30th anniversary of the iconic ‘Bine’ chair this year and designed an exclusive print motif for the 30th anniversary.

The star model of the Anteprima Spring Summer 2023 collection is the Mimosa, a yellow flower synonymous with the end of cold winter and the arrival of warm spring: always associated with International Women’s Day in Italy, it represents a symbol of strength, sensitivity and a glance towards the future, perfect to celebrate Anteprima’s 30th anniversary.

For next Spring-Summer, the brand brings a message of sustainability: the introduction of eco-friendly polyester to make recyclable yarns.

Anteprima celebrated 30 years with a democratic show in the park
Anteprima celebrated 30 years and did so with a show that is a thank you to Milan, the city that adopted the brand founded by Izumi Ogino. In fact, for the brand’s anniversary, the designer decided not only to return to show live, but to do so in a symbolic place of the city such as Parco Sempione.

Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023
Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023

That of 22 September at 12.30 p.m. was not just any fashion show, but a show open to the public, who freely attended the catwalk, just like the insiders.In addition to the 200 or so seats reserved for guests, in fact, everyone was able to attend, to stop in Parco Sempione, against the backdrop of the Arena Civica, to watch the fashion show live. And that’s not all: it was not the classic, armoured back stage, where the models are dressed and made up for the catwalk.

This time, in fact, it was an ATM bus that brought the models to the venue. Here only the final touches were made, which for the first time were ‘in view’ of everyone. Not only was there nothing ‘inaccessible’, but everything was also very low impact on the environment: Izumi Ogino opted for a streamlined, low-impact set-up, with designer paper seats that, after being used for the fashion show, were taken away by the guests so as not to have any waste, but to give them a second life.

On the catwalk, the special collection created for the 30th anniversary of the brand, which opened its first location in Milan in 1993. Over the course of the year, there will be various initiatives with which Anteprima’s creative director will express her homage to the city that welcomed her.

Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023
Anteprima Unbounded energy Spring Summer 2023

Among the first dedications was the limited edition capsule collection, created in collaboration with the Lombard artist Marcello Morandini, which debuted on the catwalk at Parco Sempione, in the most democratic show of Milan Fashion Week.  The fashion show kicked off an educational project launched by Anteprima with the Municipality and schools in Milan, to which the maison donated fabrics to be used for studies.
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