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New Ray-Ban 2018 Christmas Campaign – “Proud To Belong”

by Camilla Valentini
In the new Christmas campaign, Ray-Ban draws on the concept of family and for this reason has been called “Proud To Belong”. It’s the concept of belonging to something: to our land, to the family, to our origins and to the deepest part of ourselves.

This inspires the new Ray-Ban holiday campaign. For the brand the most important thing is the link with people and those we find in the place we call home.Ray-Ban has always meant to see and be seen, to affirm one’s own personality, without being conditioned by others.

For this reason the new campaign becomes a slogan of acceptance and personal identity, regardless of the meaning that each of us attributes to holidays.

Whether it’s a moment to be with your family, your soul mate, your friends or to spend alone, the thing that unites us is that we all belong to someone or something and this is what makes us human.

The new Ray-Ban campaign is based on these feelings, and on the relaunch of two legendary models such as Meteor and Nina, born in the 60s.

Meteors manage to be modern but at the same time nostalgic. They are practical with round lenses and a wide bridge, and are available in black and in the unisex version, tortoise or ice. Nina, with its cat-eye cut and key bridge, contains all the elegance and sensuality of the divas of the 60s.

The essence of those years revives in the tortoise prints and lenses with different colors like orange, yellow or purple. Strong, decisive colors, suitable for those with a strong personality too.

We also find models such as the Wayfarer and the Clubmaster revisited for the holidays in the colors red and green or in the tortoises with green and blue shades.

The images and videos of the new Ray-Ban Christmas campaign, are strong and impactive, and convey perfectly this sense of belonging that is the value of the whole concept. Both clearly show how these proposals are suitable for everyone and in every situation: we are the family during the classic picture around the Christmas tree, we are the people we frequent, we are the beginning of a great love, we are our roots.

To belong means to be and we are proud to belong to something. #ProudToBelong

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