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SOS eyewear? Ask Luxottica for some help!

by Gaia Schiavetti
As I write this news I am traveling for work and I only realized now that I have forgotten my sunglasses. Excellent excuse to buy a new pair? Yes, talking about the new Luxottica pieces I will recommend a selection of sunglasses and eyeglasses based on current trends … and then I will run to buy them!

In the Luxottica portfolio there is really  lot of choices, the brands are many and all different and the design is always in line with the seasonal trends but offering classic and evergreen models reinterpreted in a modern key thanks to colors, details and applications.

Alain Mikli Paris, one of the Luxottica brands, offers two models in black with rhinestone applications, one with a more classic design and the other with a very sexy and classy retro inspiration. The model in shades of brown is much more trendy and inspired by the current streetwear.

The Dolce & Gabbana cat eye becomes extreme, curving itself even more for a haughty effect, the round and more minimal model takes its mood from the lenses that stop being just useful and become a fundamental feature of the style with the leopard pattern.Dolce&GabbanaA model with more decisive lines combines the aviator cut with that of the classic square glasses for a sporty, decisive, bold effect but in total black.

Among the top Luxottica brands there is certainly Giorgio Armani Eyewear which reaffirms its sporty-chic style by proposing minimal and elegant cycling eyewear. Emporio Armani Eyewear, on the other hand, revisits more classic models such as the cat eye or rectangular cuts with seasonal colors.

Michael Kors presents elegant glasses with gold lenses or in shades of brown, while Oakley is obviously positioned on the opposite side with acid green lenses and its classic rectangular and sporty designs. Oliver Peoples focuses on round lines with variations in style and colors like Persol, which however focuses on dark lenses.

Polo Ralph Lauren mixes the classic with the sporty by adding eye-catching details like in the glasses with the interior in bright yellow.

The mask model is super trendy and its sporty character is actually perfect for creating interesting contrasts with more sophisticated outfits. Ralph Lauren Eyewear, on the other hand, impressed me with its optical model with solid white inserts and fluid design slats.

Luxottica also takes care of Prada which struck me in particular for the round model with a thick frame in red, somewhat in the style of Willy Wonka: bold and witty for true fashion addicts!Prada Linea Rossa EyewearWith Prada Linea Rossa Eyewear instead Luxottica ensures a sporty line with an unmistakable style, I recommend the goggles.

Now we come to the giant Ray Ban, of which I point out the speckled eyeglass pattern with red slats, the classic drop with green lenses that fully reflects the retro trends of the moment and the square black glasses with green lenses.Ray-BanLuxottica relies on Starck Biotech Paris, which also offers a very sporty one in black, for more classic vision models suitable for all faces but with advanced technology. Tiffany this year transforms its classic blue into all the shades of blue that applied on the lenses create a dreamy and elegant effect. Oh Valentino!

It’s impossible to pick just one! Sure one of my favorites is the thin shaped eyeglasses with animalier black & white pattern with very thick black splints with a 3D logo but you might also like the minimal cat eye studded on the lenses!

Versace Eyewear colors the Luxottica portfolio with the total gold teardrop model but makes an excellent figure with the total black retro model with white lettering logo on the important slats. Vogue Eyewear has a wide selection as always, we point out the super minimal view model very elegant and refined and the one with transparent frame in fuchsia/red.

The Burberry Eyewear collection for Fall Winter 2019 is an evolution of the codes of the maison dictated by Riccardo Tisci, which take the form of contemporary details and timeless silhouettes.

Strictly Made in Italy, the collection is divided between the monogram of Thomas Burberry, applied to an oversized square sunglasses and cat-eye eyeglasses, or the new printed Burberry logo, which decorates a navigator sun model and a square view frame. The color palette includes the classic turtle, black and olive green.

Miu Miu Eyewear, sensual, modern, avant-garde, provocative look.

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