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SHOE drops new track pants for man, woman and kids!

by Gaia Schiavetti
Being in quarantine we started to appreciate the comfort and the design of the track pants, that is the suit, a timeless and contemporary garment like the one proposed by SHOE.

Champion of easy-to-wear, the brand is very popular with young people fond of streetwear or sportswear lovers. Now that we are finally back in the gym and that life resumes its rhythms, SHOE launches the new track pants in three wearability: slim, regular and over. The various models of SHOE track pants are made of different fabrics, from 100% cotton to stretch, from slow sweatshirt to stretch fleece to take care of the fit and design of each individual model.SHOE drops new track pants for womanTrack pants are a comfortable and relaxed garment but not for this they require less stylistic construction or less attention in the production process. SHOE has always invested in the fit and design of each individual model to guarantee you a product that is in step with the trends but of quality. SHOE collections are varied and the track pants models have many different details to satisfy every style.SHOE drops new track pants for manFrom the classic five pockets we move on to the ergonomic, to the trousers with the pockets applied to the one with the inserts or, the historical best seller, with the zipped pockets declined then in turn in many colors including the basic and the most eccentric colors. SHOE wants to dress every style, every body and every man and woman … but also children with kids collection.

Among the women’s models our favorites are those with the side band with fluorescent color block. An interesting and trendy multicolor track pants model with pockets has been designed for men.

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