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Feel Studio presenta Feel Class

Feel Studio presents Feel Class, the Academy with “Self Tailor Made” educational paths

Feel Studio presents its ambitious Academy Feel Class project, an e-learning platform capable of deepening and “personalizing” educational paths on the key issues of digital news in sectors such as fashion, beauty, food & beverage, design and lifestyle with a professional approach innovative and “self tailor made” usability.

To be successful, a career or business requires constant knowledge and updates, especially in the digital age where time and space have canceled each other and evolution in every field travels at unimaginable speed.

Feel Class aims to optimize and customize a growing phenomenon such as the e-learning sector to offer users the opportunity to always keep up with the times through “self tailor made” paths.

Freedom to choose an in-depth study according to your needs, constant innovations in the topics addressed and trend scouting capable of anticipating tomorrow’s trends today, these are some of the peculiar characteristics of Feel Class, an ambitious Academy project signed by Feel Studio.Attico a Milano . Interno milanese con terrazzo, dove la seta dipinta a mano e un sapiente gioco di quinte, valorizzano i campi lunghi, rendendo contemporaneo un appartamento classico.“We have thought about what it can be for today’s user to offer him the opportunity to study in ways that meet his needs at 360 degrees” explains Chiara Dal Ben, Chief Growth Officer of Feel Studio.

Feel Class makes the absolute user the protagonist of the chosen e-learning path. Once the usual hierarchies between tutors and users have been overturned, where the latter has the right to select the former by submitting it to a real “casting”, the Feel Class proposal provides online courses “on demand” each lasting a total of 2 hours divided into modules 15 minutes usable whenever you wish.

Approached with language modes that recall edutainment, Feel Class aims to involve the user not only for the topics covered, from the most current ones such as “Shut in Economy” and “New Normality” to those of trend “Digital communication in the beverage sector “Passing through the more technical ones such as” Legal legislation in the digital field “, but also for the choice of tutors, from Lavinia Fuksas to Simone Roveda passing through Elena Minozzi, etc .. professionals” on the field “sometimes also” known faces “, of certainly prepared and able to combine the operational pragmatism of real life with academic professionalism.Attico a Parigi . Un attico di tre piani a Notre Dame de Paris che combina materiali francesi quali pavimentazioni stile Versailles in rovere originale con superfici in argilla marchigiane dipinta a mano.Aimed at a transversal target, the Feel Class proposal adapts to any level of academic or professional preparation, but also of purchasing power by offering single courses at affordable prices, but also advantageous packages without any kind of prerequisites or “mandatory” consequentiality .

The design just a click away
From the penthouse in Paris to the brutalist apartment in Milan via the residence in London and the Villa in Genoa, the “Milan Design Awards” award Alberto Nespoli builds the foundations of the “concept design” with a “scaffolding” of click on demand on FeelClass.it

From the conception of a concept to its elaboration through the choice of materials, the foundations of design are just a click away on FeelClass.it told by an “expert” like Alberto Nespoli, already winner of the prestigious “Milan Design Award” with the scenography “The path of the spider nests” for Antonio Marras.

Alberto Nespoli
Alberto Nespoli

A decidedly unique approach is that of the “contemporary craftsman” who explains how to blend traditional shops with current design to create tailor made projects. Among hotels, shops, fairs, scenographies, shop windows and private homes, concept design comes to life with the approach of a bespoke design capable of creating an immersive and cinematic experience that excites visitors. This is the DNA that Alberto Nespoli, founding partner of EligoStudio, manages to transfer in the course “How to Develop an Interior Design Concept” on the new e-learning platform FeelClass.it

Building on important projects already built for prestigious companies such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Vacheron Constantin, Yoox, Roger Vivier, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri D’Arte, Richard Ginori, Homo Faber and many others between Europe, North America and the China, Alberto Nespoli offers a click on FeelClass.it

an in-depth study full of experience to teach how to acquire the bases for realizing architectural and artistic projects capable of blending history and modernity while preserving the local heritage by combining traditional Italian techniques with a design contemporary.
P.Rew.: Claudio Leoni Press Office

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