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Bav Tailor Akasa Autumn Winter2019/20

Love for space, environment and body in the new collection ĀKĀŚA by BAV TAiLOR for next Autumn Winter 2019/2020

by Giovanna Fusco
An exhortation to love the environment and what surrounds us: the new collection of eco-friendly luxury clothing ĀKĀŚA of BAV TAiLOR is the synthesis of an intense year of travel and discovery undertaken by the designer.

Every detail is designed to evoke memories, from the remote deserts of Dubai, through the floral scents of India, up to the Scandinavian wind and the northern coasts of Iceland. The materials are all highly sustainable and manage to create a perfect union with the recycled leather from the salmon, with cotton fiber or recycled paper finishes, emphasizing this deep connection with nature.Bav Tailor Akasa Autumn Winter2019/20The color palette is vast and contains the lunar white, to represent the connection; the sand jasper to symbolize optimism and ash to indicate energy: everything has a precise meaning and importance. A refined aesthetic and environmental sustainability are perfectly combined in this collection, reaching an absolutely winning result.

According to the designer, space is an element that delimits matter and matter establishes the boundaries of the human, degrees of connection that encourage us to love and protect the environment exactly as we love ourselves. BAV TAiLOR, so tied to sustainability principles, through the ‘’ artisanal lab ’’ platform strives to showcase the craftsmanship of global manufacturing and to promote creative talent.

The PRANA ĀKĀŚA garments were handmade in collaboration with Sarah Beatrice, a highly talented independent textile designer who developed her knowledge working for several textile ateliers in Paris – in the fields of high fashion and prêt-à-porter. For BAV TAiLOR Sarah has handcrafted models that, starting from upcycled material from previous collections, become unique and new creations.Bav Tailor Akasa Autumn Winter2019/20The best natural materials – recycled and certified – are used to create unique and sustainable garments for everyone, guaranteeing freedom of movement. Each project is based on dialogue, friendship, mutual exchange and full respect for cultures as the brand endeavors not to harm humans or animals to create any piece.
The TAiLOR BAV collections, following the mantra respect your body your sphere, are a hymn to the beauty of the world, they exhort to show love for space, mind and body.

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