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Lumberjack Jimmy

Lumberjack Jimmy Back to 70s – Spring Summer 2020 Collection

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A back to 70’s declared that is evident from the unmistakable design, capable of reviving a feeling of unique nostalgia directly in a sneaker: this is the Jimmy signed Lumberjack for spring summer 2020.

It is the brand’s new Vintage line, the shoe was born in the wake of a seventies trend that is inspired by the iconic running model: the result is the technological evolution of an accessory destined to become a reference in a mood with a purely urban flavor.

Much more than a classic sneaker, the Jimmy becomes statement thanks to its classic shape with a tapered and dynamic volume and an unstructured upper that increases lightness and performance in walking, available in the urban version or with a more sporty side.Lumberjack JimmyA shoe that evokes the spirit of the past but tells it in a contemporary key thanks to the use of high-performance materials, capable of always making the difference: first of all the suede leathers, noble and elegant, which combine with high tenacity nylon and breathable mesh, a guarantee of comfort and safety.

A model with a precious aesthetic that chooses flat cotton laces decorated in chromatic dialogue with the color variants proposed in shades of black, white, gray and navy blue.

To encourage natural movements of the forefoot and heel, allowing a fluid and dynamic fit, the Jimmy shoes have a fabric insole with Shock Absorber system on the heel, a technology that dampens vibrations and ensures lasting walking comfort. To support the whole, the sole that combines the solid pre-milled EVA from the rubber toe to the bottom with the characteristic Lumberjack tank always in rubber.

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