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Get off your pajamas! Laura takes care of your smart working

Get off your pajamas! Laura Biagiotti takes care of your smart working – Spring summer 2020 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
Our lives changed suddenly and going back to normal is slow and complicated. We have accompanied you during these months and we continue also today with a news about Laura Biagiotti: a focus on what to wear for smart working with the Spring Summer 2020 collection.

In these months we have learned that we are a priority: health and well-being have taken the place of haste and stress. Laura Biagiotti knocked on our mailbox to show us a new focus for our readers and we couldn’t help but tell you about it. If your home has become your office for you too, Laura Biagiotti tells you how to deal with smart working in style, a new reality to which we must get used, with the Spring Summer 2020 collection.Get off your pajamas! Laura takes care of your smart workingWe have learned to love the our home and to live it with love. Now we must learn to carry the work we put so much effort in, on our (home) desk every day. How? Taking care of our image and waking up every morning with the desire to “make ourselves beautiful” for a new working day is a fundamental aspect. Laura Biagiotti advises us to choose classy garments that enhance us but choosing soft and comfortable fabrics. With the arrival of summer, wearing fresh fabrics can really make a difference because they can accompany us throughout the day without giving us unpleasant nuisances.

The Spring Summer 2020 collection by Laura Biagiotti offers us solutions such as a complete coordinated check on shades of blue and light blue with a matching top. A simple outfit to match and coordinate that will make you look nice and confident. Do you need a more elegant solution? How about amaze everyone with a Bambola dress? We told you about it in one of our news but we want to propose it again for this focus dedicated to smart working. For Spring Summer 2020 Laura Biagiotti dresses us with loose and ethereal clothes.Get off your pajamas! Laura takes care of your smart workingThey are comfortable, and elegant. The one we show you today is in chiffon, therefore even fresher, and decorated with flowers. Are you looking for an alternative to the complete classic? Laura Biagiotti has included some really interesting and very trendy alternatives in her Spring Summer 2020 collection. You can compose your smart working outfit with an optical white shirt with puffed sleeves, a very light vest in pastel colors with a straight cut.

The secret of the look is the wide, soft and comfortable pinstripe trousers that will be a retro touch to the outfit, adding class and sophistication. The final detail is the matte blue belt with tone-on-tone LB logo to match the shoes or the bow for the hairstyle. What if we have to go to the office sometimes? Maybe even bringing documents and notes that we can’t forget.

Yet after accepting this routine it may be difficult to always stay organized. Laura Biagiotti transforms her iconic bag for Spring Summer 2020 into a must-have. The bag has a simple and linear line. The LB logo becomes the handle and is also equipped with a comfortable coordinated shoulder strap. You can choose it in different formats according to your needs.

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