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Anna Pietribiasi

Beyond Armour, following your own personality Colour for successful professionals – Word of Anna Pietribiasi

Dress code? Style is in the true self, following one’s colour personality
With “Vita Vera” Anna Pietribiasi identifies style and personalised palettes for professional women

In the third millennium, is it finally possible to dress in the freedom to express who we are, or do we have to respond to the so-called dress code and thus to rules that in essence do not represent us?
If I am a cheerful and playful woman, do I have to fall back into the stereotype of wearing a white shirt and black jacket at work, or can I dare? The answer lies in the Four Colour Personalities model adopted by Anna Pietribiasi, a True Image consultant for female professionals, a method that allows us to express the colours inherent within us, four psychological profiles, corresponding to the four primary colours yellow, red, blue, green.

Colore 4 - ©Sara Giuliani
Colore 4 – © Sara Giuliani

The personality Colour yellow is friendly and welcoming, festive and extrovert. Red, an energetic and courageous colour, represents a proud and vigorous personality, unafraid of risk. As blue itself suggests, the personality corresponding to this colour is composed and calm, with an innate refined elegance. In the Green personality, closeness to nature translates into an affection for one’s roots: solid bonds, stability, substance in the most authentic and profound sense.

Once aware of one’s personality, Anna Pietribiasi guides each professional to self-consciously unleash the True Self, authentic, matching colours, style and image from the physical to the digital environment, also according to professional goals, so as to develop a distinctive and authentic Personal Brand, a mirror of one’s values.

Harmochromy and Colour Personalities
The model of the four Colour Personalities represents the magic link that connects the precision of Armochromy – the method of identifying the palette of colours that are flattering (and those to be avoided) based on our natural colours, especially our complexion – with listening to and respecting the authenticity of every woman. In fact, each Colour Personality leads us to reflect on ourselves, to identify the traits we know well, those that can help us make the breakthrough we need and those that can find a new harmony by mixing with the colours of other Personalities. A strong combination of image and personality.

“With Armocromy, the risk we run is to dress in a uniform we feel we have to wear, responding to stereotypes, but to distance ourselves completely from who we really are,” said Anna Pietribiasi. “The 4 Colour Personality model, as I experienced first of all on myself, allows us to choose for ourselves the image that makes us feel good about ourselves. Style is not a matter (only) of aesthetics, of correct combinations and the right clothes to wear, but it is what expresses the truest part of us.”

The History of the Colour Personality Theory  
But how did the 4 Colour Personality Theory, developed by Jung and widely used, especially at the corporate level, come to be adopted in image consulting?  In the 1970s, British psychologist Angela Wright theorised The Colour Affects System, creating the missing link between Jung’s profiles and applied colour psychology. In particular, she explained the reason for our reactions of well-being or discomfort to certain colours, with its influence on thoughts and behaviour, which led to the extension of the model’s application to home environments, branding, and personal style.

Anna Pietribiasi discovered Colour Personality with Kim Bolsover, a British image consultant, and then went on to study it in depth and create her own method to translate it into style and colours, with the aim of helping female professionals rediscover the most authentic and True part of themselves, especially in online environments.

“Vita Vera” is therefore the safe place that Pietribiasi has created, intended for female professionals and their virtual dimension, to be listened to without judgement and to receive useful and clear indications to achieve the results they have set themselves. From 1 October, the ebook ‘Lo Stile Giusto è nella Vera Te’ (The Right Style is in the True You) is also available, to discover 7 stories of women and their inner journey towards themselves. Their message, as Pietribiasi emphasises, is that “image is much more than a colour or a right match, it is the Substance of who you are and the person you know you can become”.

Anna Pietribiasi
A True Image Consultant, she is the creator of Vita Vera, the virtual place created for all changing professionals who want to take care of their personal style and image in online environments, to develop a distinctive and authentic Personal Brand. After years of language studies, much work in the field of communication, in the role of press officer and content writer for luxury brands, in 2018 Pietribiasi decided to train in image consulting, first with Rossella Migliaccio of the Italian Image Institute and then with Kim Bolsover (UK), encountering the study of colour personalities, which she will deepen with the standard-bearer of the method, Angela Wright, and interior designer Karen Haller, to offer a special experience to every woman in search of a unique style. Finally, for 2022, she is Brand Ambassador of WomenXImpact, the community and international event dedicated to women’s leadership.
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