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Christmas 2017: gift ideas for him, for her and the kids

by Adriana Zingone
Whether you are buying gifts for him, for her or for the kids, among the wide selection of clothing and accessories, we have chosen for you some gifts to be included in the 2017 Christmas wishlist. For her…

women love unconditionally shoes, so look carefully at the hand-made fashion collection of Casa Fragiacomo, a historic company of luxury footwear and accessories founded in Milan and, Baldinini Shoes with its luxury shoes with an unmistakable identity. And for those who love to bet on the safe side there are Chanel sandals, inspired by ancient Greece and gladiators, super feminine, directly from the Cruise Paris collection 2017-18, or the timeless shoes by Bottega Veneta and the shoes collection by Alessandra Rinaudo. The new D Train by Ebarrito srl express their Parisien charm with a feminine silhouette. For a romantic and rock Christmas instead, we recommend the iconic Moschino sneakers or boots with heel directly from the catwalks of Fashion Weeks, 2017/18 collection. Continuing with the Rock Romantic mood we also recommend the extensive collection of Mjus Shoes. The Chanel accessories, offers Must Haves from the 2017/18 Cruise Paris collection has designed exclusive necklaces and bracelets to the greek style rich but sophisticated, taking the same trend also in the design of the bags, re-proposing the spearhead of the Maison: the Gabrielle bag. Let’s talk about Brave: the 2018 Salar Milano Resort spring summer collection is a real slogan, inspired by those courageous girls; strong, determined and confident, the new Salar bags mix style, elegance and a funny allure and pop; or the Giorgia Milani bags, Save my Bags by Miss Paris Rouge and Ripani collection. Sparkling, dynamic and changing, the Baldinini collections have continuous enthusiasm, which is visible in the accessories, especially in the fur bags of the winter collection. Because creativity is also knowing how to dare! Surprising, special and bright, just like Christmas, the new Mockberg watches in gold & silver, precious gifts to put under the tree, or the Pandora and Labriola Bijoux jewels, ideal for classy, tenacious and self-confident women. NOVE25 jewels are unisex, therefore suitable for you and yours, the Maison offers the possibility to customize the jewels, to enclose your style and essence in a ring, a pendant or a bracelet. An original gift is Zacapa, is the Guatemalan rum considered among the best in the world, has just arrived in Italy, just in time to celebrate Christmas. Zacapa Royal, is the new reference extra luxury that enriches and widens its already valuable and famous range, born from the encounter of rum aged up to 30 years and refined in fine French oak barrels. It is also good to buy the best Italian products: Compagnia dei Caraibi, or a good bottle of wine from Poderi Luigi Einaudi, the historic winery of the Langhe, unless you want to focus on the classic with Ferrari Brut Magnum Trentodoc. An original choice are the Giftboxes Krug Grande Cuvée 163ème Edition Customizable Institutional proposals and designed by Maison Krug for the Christmas holidays or the Tannico gift cards. For coffee lovers there are the exclusive set of cups designed by Maurizio Galimberti: The illy Art Collection represents, through a trip to Italy in six stages, all the themes dear to the artist: urban landscapes, music, journey, movement, rhythm and magic of reality. Trieste, Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Pisa are the six main cities.130 - MSC Crociere VACANZE ESTIVE 2018: viaggio, tra Mediterraneo, Nord Europa, USA, Caraibi e Cuba.
With clothing you can enjoy yourself, anything will be fine, so start the shopping. Take a look at the new Eleventy and American Vintage Fall Winter 2017/16 collection, clothing for him and her with a classic design, suitable for cold winter. For your partner there are the Lili Gaufrette collection, or feminine and comfortable Joseph Ribkoff, Musani Couture, Joseph Ribkoff, Nicole, Musani Couture, Vivienne Westwood, Roberta Biagi and YNot? Collections. Tuc Tuc and X’S MILAN, on the other hand, offer a wide choice: from the chenille Parka or red wool jacket to the cloth and cotton jersey dress or the classic black sheath dress with sexy transparencies. Moschino or Manuel Ritz by Paoloni Spa on the other hand, they can dress your he, elegant dresses from exclusive manufacture. Lingerie is one of the most appreciated gifts by women but it is also true that it is not easy to choose the right size and mood for us. If the men are then having to juggle lace the damage is almost assured! there are fantastic Ermanno Scervino underwear items on the market, or an exclusive PatiJò Bra Fitting service, an original gift for mum, girlfriend, friend … perfect for every woman! The woman can dress only underwear and two drops of perfume, about which we propose the new floral fragrance Parco Palladiano Collection by Bottega Veneta or the strong fragrance of Kenzo. Sweet & chic and Sweet Years – I’m sexy have prepared a Slip and Fragrance package to make it easier for husbands in need. Frette Amaltea, on the other hand, proposes the combination of luxury pajamas and parfums. Women love any type of accessory and never let slip the latest sunglasses like: Valentino eyewear collection or the Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Ray-Ban, Prada, Miu Miu, Persol or Giorgio Armani collection, available in different color variants and models. For him… North Sails, Nava design and accessories with a sporty style like the Ogio Renegade Pindot collection. For beauty lovers: a personalized beauty kit with Foreo Luna and Foreo Issa products, or the innovative Selfie patches, the do-it-yourself anti-wrinkle filler for the eye contour that is applied like a patch. This year we also think about your children and the many games to buy: for the biggest there are the Bohemian Guitars, Rizoma metropolitan bike R77, or the modern Segway Mini Lite or a new GoPro or the Razor Power Core E90; for the little ones there are K’nex construction games. You can also choose fabulous outfits for the little ones of the house, with Levi’s Kids, Kenzo, Absorba, Paul Smith Junior, 3 Pommes or Z offers original red pajamas and accessories. A gift for the family: you can give fantastic trips during the holidays and in view of the upcoming holidays with MSC Cruises organizing summer holidays 2018: travel, between Mediterranean, Northern Europe, USA, Caribbean and Cuba and maybe accompany the trip with of the new Roncato E-LITE suitcases, gold trolley with leather details.

01 – Vivienne Westwood . Small Gifts Climate Revolution . Clima Bottle
02 – Vivienne Westwood . Small Gifts New Classic 3D Orb
03 – Vivienne Westwood . Derby Handbag tartan Charlotte
04 – Vivienne Westwood . Derby Handbag tartan Charlotte
05 – Alessandra Rinaudo shoes collection
06 – Alessandra Rinaudo shoes collection
07 – Roncato E- LITE, trolley oro con dettagli in cuoio
08 – X’S MILANO Never Enough EVA, giacca lanetta rossa con zip
09 – X’S MILANO giacca rossa dettagli pizzo
10 – X’S MILANO  tubino nero trasparenze
11 – Ermanno Scervino _body nero
12 – Ermanno Scervino _completo
13 – Ermanno Scervino _borsina rossa
14 – Bottega Veneta Fragrance – Parco Palladiano
15 – Bottega Veneta Fragrance – Parco Palladiano
16 – Bottega Veneta Fragrance – Eau De Velours
17 – Bottega Veneta Belts
18 – Bottega Veneta Belts
19 – Bottega Veneta Belts
20 – Bottega Veneta Bags
21 – Bottega Veneta Bags
22 – Bottega Veneta Bags
23 – Bottega Veneta Iphone Case
24 – Bottega Veneta Jewelry
25 – Bottega Veneta shoes – socks
26 – Bottega Veneta shoes
27 – Bottega Veneta sneackers
28 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Beige crochet  bag
29 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Black silk
30 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Golden
31 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection
32 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Golden metal arm bracelet
33 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection metal and orange leather arm bracelet with faux pearls
34 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Golden leather belt embellished with flowers
35 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Golden metal and yellow leather cuff
36 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Golden metal arm bracelet
37 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection Blue leather
38 – Chanel Cruise Paris collection leather sandals
39 – 40- 41- 42- 43- 44- 45- Moschino  women’s accessories
46 – 48- 49- 50- Moschino men’s accessories
51 – 3 Pommes
52 – Z propone pigiami e accessori del colore rosso
53 – Z propone pigiami e accessori del colore rosso
54 – Absorba
54 – Catimini
55 – Paul Smith Junior
56 – Kenzo
57 – Kenzo
58 – Kenzo
59 – Levi’s Kids
60 – Lili Gaufrette – abitino rosso
61 – BrunoBordese Next Generation – Sneackers nero – rosso
62 – Gallucci -scarpe in vernice Carminio
63 – Gallucci – sneackers
64 – Ebbarito – The D Train Fringe
65 – Ebbarito pump, – WHO I AM, pelle patchwork
66 – Sweet & chic – Confezione Slip e Fragrance
67 – Sweet Years  – I’m sexy – Confezione Slip e Fragrance
68 – Save my Bags . Miss Paris Rouge
69 – Frette Amaltea – pigiama
70 – Frette  fragranze
71 – Giorgia Milani – bags

72 – Joseph Ribkoff
73-  Labriola Bijoux
74 – Musani Couture
75 – Roberta Biagi
75 – Ripani
76 – Dolce&Gabbana Eyewear combinazioni colore disponibili: leo su fondo bordeaux con lente sfumata marrone, nero con lente sfumata grigia.
77 – Emporio Armani . Disponibile in rosso con lenti marrone chiaro e in oro lucido con lenti specchiate marrone chiaro.
78 – Giorgio Armani Disponibile in marrone striato e in avana scuro
79 – Miu Miu Mu varianti del Cristallo, Viola Cristallo, Grigio Cristallo e Nero con lenti Vaniglia, Fumo, Specchio Argento e Antracite Sfumato Lago. Logo Miu Miu lettering
80 – Persol . lenti in cristallo: Havana blu e grigia con lente semi-specchiata azzurra e havana grigia e nera con lente semi-specchiata oro
81 – Prada  La gamma colore propone i toni vivaci del velluto Azzurro, Viola, Fucsia, Amarena, Cammello e Nero. Logo Prada lettering.
82 – Ray-Ban – Le montature classiche in argento e oro sono impreziosite da tocchi cromatici avana, neri o blu per uno stile altamente definito.
83 – Ray-Ban – Completano il modello le montature in oro, argento e canna di fucile e la versione in nero semi-lucido con elettrizzanti lenti a specchio, che danno vita a uno stile moderno ed energico con un’anima spiritosa e divertente.
84 – Collezione Eyewear Valentino – Le declinazioni hanno toni ricercati e utilizzano acetati opalini: rutenio abbinato a grigio scuro, con lente rosa, e canna di fucile in abbinamento al rosa, con lente grigia. Le aste sono firmate con l’iconica stud Valentino.
85 – Vogue –  si traducono in una vasta scelta di look e personalità vivaci.
86 – Dolce&Gabbana Eyewear – L’occhiale è disponibile in eleganti varianti colore, tra cui: top nero su crystal, havana striata blu, havana
87 – Persol . Disponibile nelle varianti: nero, havana, Madreterra e nelle luminose combinazioni in havana blu e tartaruga-beige.
88- Crossocall SHARK-X3
89 – Geomag Magicube Polar Animals
90 – GoPro- Shorty
91 – Mizuno_Virtual Body G1 High Neck F.
92 – Ogio Renegade Pindot
93 – Razor Power Core E90
94 – Rizoma metropolitnbike R77
95 – Segway Mini Lite
96 -97 – Bohemian Guitars
98 – 99 – Nava – Zaino e Borsello
100 -Pandora – Gioielli
101 – Nicole- abito collezione cocktail&evening
102 – North Sails – giacca softshell in tessuto elasticizzato
103 – North Sails piumino con imbottitura in piuma d’anatra
104 – Compagnia dei Caraibi – Edizioni Premium e Limited – Gin Mare Lanterna
105 – Compagnia dei Caraibi – Edizioni Premium e Limited – Diplomatico Gin Pack
106 – Krug Grande Cuvée 163ème Edition Customizable Institutional Giftbox
107 – Ferrari Brut Magnum Trentodoc
108 – Tannico gift card Natale
109 – Zacapa Royal Bottle Shot_original
110 – NOVE25 per Excelsior  Fall Winter 2017 unisex
111 – 112  – illy Y3 – illy Art Collection Maurizio Galimberti
113 – Tuc Tuc – Abitino in panno con balene applicate sulle tasche e maglietta maniche lunghe in jersey di cotone
114 – Tuc Tuc – Parka in ciniglia bianca con cappuccio
115 – Manuel Ritz
116 – Paoloni
117 – Petite . Bagliori gold&silver . Christmas watch griffati Mockberg
118 – Mesh .  Bagliori gold&silver . Christmas watch griffati Mockberg
119 – 120 – 121 – YNot?
122 – Beauty case trasparente con un kit di bellezza personalizzato con prodotti Foreo Luna e Foreo Issa
123 – K’nex grandi giochi di costruzioni
124 – K’nex grandi giochi di costruzioni
125 – B.SELFIE, il filler antirughe fai-da-te per il contorno occhi che si applica come un cerotto
126 – Poderi Luigi Einaudi – storica cantina delle Langhe
127 – 128 – 129 – Salar Resort 2018 – La “Night Out” è Shining

130 – MSC Crociere vacanze estive 2018: viaggio, tra Mediterraneo, Nord Europa, USA, Caraibi e Cuba.
131 – Eleventy donna Abito smanicato cintura
132 – Eleventy donna Giaccottino taglio vivo cappuccio con pelliccia
133 – Eleventy uomo Camicia Texas
134 – Bra Fitting Pati Jò
135 – Mjus Shoes Rock romantic mood
136 – American Vintage Fall Winter 2017/18 Men Collection
137 – American Vintage Fall Winter 2017/18 Women’s Collection
138 – 139 – Baldinini Bags
140 – 141- 142 Baldini Shoes
143 -144 – 145 – 146 – Fragiacomo Shiny Baroque


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