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Erica Iodice and the quest for perfection

by Clara Fallocco

Erica Iodice presents her new brand Erica Iodice in Milan: a new brand, founded by Erica Iodice in 2016, and a synonym of eccellence and Made in Italy

Brought up among clothes and accessories in her mother’s boutique, Erica decides to begin a career in fashion to make a job out of her passion. She says: “Just like in a clock, in the world of fashion every detail is a gear that has to work in perfect synchrony to reach perfection.

And this in the kind of perfection I want to reach and communicate through my job.” The quest for perfection is indeed the common thread of Erica’s clothes which are thought to be worn by strong and elegant women.                                     
Erica Iodice
Erica Iodice

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