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Giada: Autumn Winter 2018/19 Advertising Campaign

by Adriana Zingone
Giedre Dukauskaite
is the new face of Giada ‘s Autumn Winter 2018 campaign.

The Lithuanian model plays with the surrounding environment with elegance and class. Hence the Giada Autumn Winter 2018/19 collection that enhances the female body with wavy and sinuous movements, within precise geometries.

The focus is on outerwear, with coats and capes that are interpreted with this vision, going from mini to maxi. The silhouette is accompanied by important scarves, warm cashmere and mohair knits, which give a sophisticated cozy effect to the outfits.Giada, brand entrusted to the creativity of Gabriele Colangelo, is based on an idea of refinement that conveys a feeling of harmony and sensuality and pure cuts, precious materials and a distinctive color palette.

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