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Thirteenth edition of the BINF Fashion Show!

by Camilla Valentini . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
On February 24, 2019, the thirteenth edition of the BINF Fashion Show took place in the splendid location of the MIB Milan.

The show featured 7 unique Italian and international emerging designers.

An example is the maison Ylenia Mangano, which aims to create clothes that enhance the natural beauty and femininity of every kind of woman. The garments are designed with soft and enveloping lines that emphasize women’s shapes and are treated in detail: from the choice of fabrics, to embroidery, to the color palette. A brand that fits perfectly to every woman.Ylenia ManganoThe brand Daniela Vanni is a symbol of Made in Italy: its luxurious, elegant and feminine bags are rigorously produced in Italy, fully reflecting the mood of the Tuscan designer.

The bag is a fundamental accessory for women, especially for the woman of today who is dynamic and with a strong personality. Precisely for this reason the designer has decided to create her bags with the characteristic of being able to change the flap of the bag when it is wanted, being able to choose between numerous variations of color, materials and textures.Daniela VanniI Biddizzi don’t want to exalt only the Made in Italy but the Made in Sicily. With their accessories they want to convey the values ​​of craftsmanship, innovation, quality, lightness and play, without ever giving up a touch of glamor and luxury. The coffees of I Bidizzi are super colorful bags that fully reflect the Sicilian style and atmosphere, very versatile and hand-painted internally and externally lined with prestigious fabrics and accessories strictly hand-sewn.I BiddizziRemaining on the subject of bags and accessories we find the Monstera brand. The brand name refers to the famous plant. The bags are very versatile and have been created in three models: large, medium and small. The peculiarity of these bags is their being in leather and wood. Thanks to the grain of the wood and to the vegetable-tanned leather that ages by changing its initial color, each piece is unique. MonsteraEach collection of Anggy Haif contains the will to reconcile man with nature and for this reason uses materials treated in an ecological way, an increasingly important topic today. The collection is eccentric and we find the combination of several materials together. There are many natural references also in the choice of materials: cotton, silk, wool, leather, raffia, bark and lianas, while bright colors symbolize joy and the sun.

The t-shirt becomes the fundamental element for the Teetopia brand. The t-shirt becomes a canvas, a communicative vehicle, not just a garment. Each creation of Teetopia contains a specific message and every person who wears it is the mouthpiece of that message in its everyday life. In the new collection presented at BINF the message that the designer wanted to launch is the impoverishment of the human being following the massive and uncontrollable spread of social media.TeetopiaPesto is another brand that recalls Italianness. Already in the name there is a strong reference to Italian culture, but also to street culture: pesto as the verb pest. The brand was born from the “OHC” team of skaters & writers, a group of friends who at the same time set out to create a leading brand in the streetwear sector and to “crush” the difficulties of life to achieve their dream. The new collection “I’M NOT A TRAPPER”, is dedicated to a young audience (12 to 15 years old) who loves the musical style of the moment, the trap.Pesto - Machella Each brand that has marched to the thirteenth edition of BINF embodies a story with strong and recognizable features, and this makes the BINF a fundamental event for emerging designers.

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