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Arab Fashion Week 2019: Sophia Nubes presents the “Sun Collection”

by Gaia Schiavetti
Last April took place in Dubai the 2019 edition of Arab Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in the Arab world.

More than 70 designers from the Middle East, Europe and Asia flocked to luxurious Dubai for a series of events and fashion shows that made them the protagonists. Even the essentiality and care in the search for wearability by Sophia Nubes find their place at the eighth edition of the Arab Fashion Week where the brand presented the “Sun Collection” to internationally affirm its name once again.spired by the sun and its light, the latest collection by Sophia Nubes plays on shades of yellow and an elongated and sinuous silhouette: coats emphasize life, day dresses are created by overlapping while evening dresses play the card of sensuality with very high slits. The collection, however, does not aim only at a sensual wardrobe, rather it proposes to dress a woman who loves to feel beautiful on all occasions, even when she is not wearing an evening dress. This is why the “Sun Collection” by Sophia Nubes is enriched with more sporty elements, creating a union that combines silk with laminated jersey.The comfort that reaches the collection is due to two fundamental elements: the classic style design that however draws on some elements of streetwear and stretch fabrics. Everything is illuminated by the light of the silk and the metal details of the laminated jersey. The final touches of the “Sun Collection” by Sophia Nubes are the details always taken care of and dedicated to the beauty and comfort of women.

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