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Yosono bags - Silvia Scaramucci

Be Crazy Be Yosono for the fashion dreamers

by Eli Zen
Yosono bags expresses the successful creativity of  the designer Silvia Scaramucci, a collection that is entirely produced in Italy, an expression of  successful Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Silvia, a young fashion designer from the Marche region, a  young and successful entrepreneur, launches in 2014 the collection of Demanumea Unique Artbags, arty chic bags created in collaboration with artists from all over the world.

Young creatives, designers, artists, sculptors and painters build unique products with their hands to create ad hoc products for the woman who loves to dare.Yosono bags - Silvia ScaramucciBoth collections are made by expert hands in Italy using  sophisticated leathers thanks to the experience of her ancient leather craftsmen. The leathers used are ductile and resistant with accessories created specifically for the collections.

The next collection 2020 is inspired by the theme of a Californian journey, with fragrances and clear colors to embrace a free and adventurous style for a woman who loves to travel and carry fun chic bags like the Yosono bag.

The shapes are geometric but at the same time suitable for every young style for a hyper-feminine and sophisticated woman. The closures and the handles are the result of refined techniques in processing.Yosono bags - Silvia ScaramucciIn particular, Era and Mini are the two models made by ancient leather craftsmen with added different materials such as PVC, ribbons, mesh and denim.

The colors are shock like lilac, apple green, fuchsia, nude, military, black and sky colors, creating truly unique combinations of the streetwear chic style with colored inserts, no-season and timeless bags for every type of woman who wants to change and propose her style with irony.

The message that the designer with the ironic and free style wants to convey is intrinsic in every detail, always ready for new challenges in distant lands to be discovered.

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