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L'attrice della serie tv di ,"Furore 2" Raffaella Di Caprio brand ambassador di Carla Sanchez

The actress of the TV series of Canale 5 “Furore 2” Raffaella Di Caprio brand ambassador of Carla Sanchez

P.Rew: Carla Sanchez.  photo by Checco De Tullio
Raffaella Di Caprio, the actress of the TV series Furore 2 is the exceptional testimonial of the brand of footwear and bags.

Miky Falcicchio is the protagonist of the first men’s capsule collection.
Raffaella Di Caprio is the exceptional testimonial of Carla Sanchez, a leading national and European brand in the sale of women’s shoes and bags. The charming and talented actress of the “Furore 2” TV series is the protagonist of the new Spring Summer 2020 collection.

«I am really excited about my commitment as Carla Sanchez brand ambassador – declares the model and protagonist of very successful theatrical shows -. It is a brand very attentive to the needs of every woman. Joining this family is a real honor. I appreciate the trust that the brand can inspire with its footwear products and accessories.L'attrice della serie tv di ,"Furore 2" Raffaella Di Caprio brand ambassador di Carla SanchezI am very happy to be back in Puglia – continues the actress – and to see the people having fun and appreciating the collection. For me it is the first time in Trani and it has proved to be a beautiful and engaging discovery. I love this city because both the brand owner and all the locals made sure that I saw Trani with their eyes, that is, with the eyes of people who love, protect and enhance the territory, art, culture and Apulian food and wine ».

Determination, personality, freedom and independence are the female characteristics that inspire the new collection. Raffaella Di Caprio fully represents these peculiarities and the contemporary, strong, multifaceted and dreamer feminine essence of the brand.

«This is the first national advertising campaign for Carla Sanchez – says the owner and founder of the Tommaso Di Tondo brand – after 14 years of activity. The choice to have an Italian actress as testimonial was motivated by the desire to underline the value of Made in Italy, which always stands out from the import manufacture for the style and quality of the materials used for the realization of the footwear products » .

The shots of the fashion and street photographer Checco De Tullio contain the essence of the new collection, which is already available in the Carla Sanchez boutique and in the online shop, made of great particularity and determination that have always distinguished the well-known brand of shoes and bags. A current and dynamic collection that combines creativity, uniqueness and comfort in style.

In addition, Carla Sanchez and the model and actor Miky Falcicchio come together to celebrate a new and fruitful collaboration, creating the first men’s capsule collection in the name of pragmatism and teamwork that celebrates the values, history and culture of Italian Style .

«Returning to the set of an advertising campaign, for the occasion not as an event manager but as a testimonial, is a bit like returning to the origins – declares Miky Falcicchio – when, from the Milanese catwalks and at just 17 years old, I was starting to move first steps. Together with me Raffaella Di Caprio, young Italian actress, exceptional testimonial and travel companion in the wonderful world of Carla Sanchez. I hope it is the beginning of a wider and longer lasting collaboration ».

«A good synergy was born immediately – Tommaso Di Tondo underlines – between me and Miky Falcicchio, an excellent and enterprising professional with an impeccable organizational capacity, and it is precisely from this collaboration that the idea of expanding the commercial horizons of Carla Sanchez comes to life who , while remaining a purely female brand, for the first time it opens with great pride the doors to the male world by presenting the first line of footwear for men ».Raffaella Di Caprio & Miky-Falcicchio for Carla SanchezThe goal of this first men’s footwear collection starring Miss Italia 2010 is to always look forward with confidence, positivity and optimism with a campaign that is the expression of a modernity that rejects labels and expresses the ethos of beauty, strength , of style and craftsmanship.

The advertising campaign was entirely organized and shot in Trani, as strongly desired by the brand owner, whose proposal was greeted with great enthusiasm by both testimonials who were able to appreciate beauty, culture and history even more of the Apulian city through an intense and evocative photographic itinerary characterized by important tourist attractions, such as the Cathedral on the sea and the “Carriage Museum” owned by the noble Telesio family.

The story of Carla Sanchez
Carla Sanchez is a brand of women’s shoes and bags founded and led by Tommaso Di Tondo. It was born in 2006 in Trani and the name of the brand originates from a curious anecdote linked to a fair in Madrid during which Di Tondo makes use of the collaboration of the interpreter “Carlita Sanchez”, a woman of great beauty and resourcefulness. These characteristics inspire Tommaso, who for his brand replaces the name “Carlita” with “Carla” to underline the essence and value of Made in Italy.

The production of footwear and accessories has in fact always been entrusted to Italian companies, mostly from Puglia, with the aim of enhancing the territory and constantly guaranteeing the quality of the manufacture through an accurate selection of suppliers and raw materials to fully satisfy any need of the female world, offering a wide variety of models and colors, while always managing to always contain the final cost of the product.

In just three months, “Carla Sanchez” footwear is distributed in over 50 stores in Puglia. At this point Tommaso, enthusiastic about the rapid spread of the brand, aims to expand the brand in Italy. In just two years, Carla Sanchez footwear reaches over 500 stores.

At the subsequent International Footwear Fair in Milan, called “Micam”, the brand presents its collections, which from then on become known throughout Europe. The brand owner’s next goal is to conquer the American market.

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