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K-Way Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs and K-Way launch in bright and floral colors  the new  hyper-cool windbreaker

by Eli Zen
iconic garment was born in 1965 in Paris, as an excellent waterproof jacket for wearability and innovation.

The iconic garment of the 60’s generation is irreplaceable for its uniqueness, functionality, comfortable and easy to carry and cool in its simplicity. An endless style, an  iconic waterproof jacket “par excellence” because it is classic but at the same time technological and windproof, offering a wide range of colors.

The collection today has maintained the iconic  styles, that are the DNA of the brand adding many other styles that refer to historical garments but with a fashionable cut. The iconic outfits can be transformed into a pouch or pocket, easy to wear and carry on.

They have heat-sealed zip in which they are folded, the materials are windproof, light and breathable, but very practical and indispensable on a rainy day. In fact, the name K-Way was born in Paris on a rainy day, in 1965, “en cas de pluie”.K-Way Marc JacobsK-Way is a brand owned by Basic-net, a company listed on the stock exchange in 1999, which also owns other historical sports brands, Robe di kappa, Jesus Jeans, Superga, Sebago, Briko, Sabelt, leading brands of leisure, footwear and accessories.

K-Way has always been among the historical and unique brands in our wardrobe and over the years has undertaken exclusive collaborations with many fashion brands, expanding on an international markets, combining the sporty aspect with fashion, distributed in the top stores of the world.

Last season K-Way showed at Pitti with its famous slogan “Let it rain” to consolidate the brand with a show whose models were wearing the most representative garments from the classic to the traditional double-sided and most elaborate outerwear outfits.K-Way Marc JacobsThe collection is unisex and for all ages with simple but also structured with fashion cuts. Lately K-Way did many collaborations including The Marc Jacobs collection, very colorful with floral prints.

Launched in May 2019, the Marc Jacobs collection has a long history since their collaboration dates back to nine years ago. The collection revisited the iconic Le Vrai Eiffel 3.0 K-Wayjacket and the Pierrick suit with the hero Spring Summer 2020 print by The Marc Jacobs.

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