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Tiziano Guardini Spring Summer 2020 . Peace Silk

Tiziano Guardini and Mantero new paths for a successful sustainable business

by Eli Zen
Tiziano Guardini is one of the first Italian eco designers who gave life to his collection in respect of nature using all raw materials, combing ethics and aesthetics, but also tailoring innovation for a sustainable collection.

Guardini, born in 1980 in September 2017 awarded the “Green Carpet Fashion Award” for best sustainable emerging designers and in October of the same year for “Peta Couture Award”. In collaboration with the historic Como silk factory, a well-known Como silk company known all over the world, Tiziano created a sustainable collection of precious silk garments, Peace Silk.Tiziano Guardini Spring Summer 2020 . Peace SilkThis silk is the result of a procedure “nonviolent”, because it is produced by using cocoons abandoned by caterpillars once they have become butterflies and therefore when they have naturally completed their evolutionary stage. Mantero thus enters this world also with this project, starting with this collaboration a new way of doing “sustainable” business. Peace Silk is a capsule collection of eleven items to complete the Tiziano Guardini Spring Summer 2020 collection which was part of  the official Milan Fashion Week calendar in September.

Conscious and cruelty free fashion are the must-have of Tiziano that during his career achieved many awards because his collections are not only eco-sustainable but also very nice. The prints are created with the classic silk-screen or square technique, the only one that allows the use of Gots certified dyes, free of metals, in a rich color palette and of high quality. Peace silk is the result of work done four hands by Titian and the Mantero team who are inspired by the myth of Atlantis.Tiziano Guardini Spring Summer 2020 . Peace SilkAtlantis is a romantic story. Icons are mermaids, tritons, ancient statues, corals, jellyfish, marine plants and the waves above all that symbolize the beginning of life of every human being and that without it there is no planet on earth.

The collection is certified by the Global Organic T. Standard (GOTS), the most important standard for production certified internationally for the use of organic textile products. Tiziano creative vision, merges with Mantero’s tradition giving light to Peace Silk which is the result of an ethical and responsible fashion from ancient but at the same through innovative methods.

Tiziano also loves actively interact with his audience. Through Instagram and facebook it is possible to stay tuned with the designer who will teach us how to up-cycle our garments that are in our wardrobe and need to be refurbished, such as t-shirts, used denim. With his creative touch and his knowledge in fashion.

Tiziano Guardini
Tiziano Guardini

Thursday 7, May at 3pm live on Fidenza Village you can be connected through Instagram or facebook, he will hold a workshop on the use of crochet, stimulating our creativity by using a tool for those who already know in an even more creative way.

A way also to have fun, learn new DIY techniques. In this way we have the opportunity to enter Tiziano’s atelier and learn how to use our hands with an ancient instrument, the crochet needles. He will reveal to us how easy can be by transforming a garment.

You can tag the result of your work on Fidenza Village by showing it on social media. The appointment with Tiziano Guardini is part of the varied live streaming calendar with live appointments every Thursday on the social platforms on Fidenza Village, Instagram and fakebook. All talks and workshops will stay available also after live broadcasts.

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