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Cuoio di Toscana protagonista del webinar a la Sapienza di Roma

Cuoio di Toscana protagonist of the webinar at the Sapienza in Rome

Cuoio di Toscana seminar at La Sapienza in Rome
On 11 May and 3 June, Cuoio di Toscana will be the protagonist of a two-date seminar – in webinar mode – for students of the Degree Course in Fashion and Costume Sciences, within the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Sapienza. The training, always in the foreground for the Consortium, does not stop and uses digital technology to move forward.

The elements that characterize the production of sole leather, from its distinctive features to the processes that guarantee the excellence of the product, will be the focus of two seminars held by Cuoio di Toscana within the workshop organized by Lineapelle for the Sapienza in Rome .

Students of the Degree Course in Fashion and Costume Science of the Roman University will be able to take advantage of two different dates – 11 May and 3 June – to learn more about the topic of the seminar entitled “Sole leather: characteristics and processes “which, for the emergency health situation, will be held in webinar mode.Cuoio di Toscana protagonist of the webinar at the Sapienza in RomeThe traditional art of leather craftsmanship, of which the companies that are part of Cuoio di Toscana represent excellence in the world – with market shares equal to 98% of the Italian one and over 80% of the European one – will be illustrated in all those aspects that characterize it and that are the strengths of the Consortium’s activities.

We will start with the analysis of the quality of the product, whose high level is ensured by production processes that have remained unchanged over time (such as the slow vegetable tanning that ensures the leather with those inimitable characteristics of compactness, resistance, breathability and eco-sustainability) to arrive the close link with style, guaranteed by manufacturing techniques that create a malleable and declinable raw material according to the most varied creative needs.

Without forgetting a focus on the entire supply chain which, supported by high and traceable quality standards, is accompanied by the most important certifications on the matter and on the importance of the research and development segment which, while maintaining the link with tradition unchanged, provides an innovative product. which meets the needs of the market.Cuoio di Toscana protagonist of the webinar at the Sapienza in RomeAn important initiative that is in the wake of other similar promoted by Cuoio di Toscana for which training, in the technical and professional field, plays a leading role within its philosophy.

A continuous commitment testified by several projects developed in partnership with the most prestigious academic institutions and with the main high-education schools and which does not stop even now but uses the most advanced digital technologies to guarantee excellence even on the path training in the current moment of health emergency.

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