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MET Fall Winter 2020/21

Not only animalier in the MET Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

by Adele Decarolis
The animalier has been chosen as the protagonist of the coldest season in the new MET Fall Winter 2020/21 collection.

The brand has proposed the pattern in a more original key, representing it in a more graphic and colorful way, as it is possible to see in the geometric designs on the snake skin that characterizes the faux fur and georgette clothes, and the two-tone combination that decorates the knitwear; the latter is also distinguished by the striped graphics that reproduce the zebra coat.

Animalier references also for the black sweatshirt through the classic leopard print, which connects to the new colored sweatshirt that is enriched by black stones chained and bright lurex flounces.MET Fall Winter 2020/21The general dark atmosphere, evoked also by the laces that enhance the shapes, is a little mitigated by different bright details, such as those of metallic and copper tones on the jersey aimed at creating elegant games of softness, or as the pailettes embroidery that embellishes the Prince of Wales. The brightness is produced on the knitwear also by the bright colors of the stripes, and by the metallic glows on the pied de poule in jacquard ton sur ton.

The collection not only provides garments suitable for any type of style and context, but also gives life to outfits with a more defined soul.
The black biker in faux leather represents the most rock part of the collection, but without sacrificing the typical sophistication of the brand, in this case expressed by an important hand embroidery on the back.MET Fall Winter 2020/21The collection also includes a double-breasted blazer similar to the male cut, a central fold trousers, and a tube dress adorned with precious details, perfect to be worn for more formal and elegant occasions.

Finally, the most sporty side of the MET Fall Winter 2020/21 collection, expressed by the denim proposal, in which it is possible to find shirts and trousers with a multiple fit, from boyfriend fit to paw model, and from skinny to slim.

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