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Reamerei Fall Winter 2020/21

Reamerei Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

P.Rew.: S2bpress
Reamerei is a clothing brand born in 2019. The project was born from three young people (Marzia Geusa, Enrico Micheletto and Davide Melis) who, consolidating a strong bond during their university career, decide to come together to give life to an aesthetic and a collective project.

Through a strongly narrative approach, the brand aims to define a personal vision and interpretation of the overcoming of the concept of gender.Reamerei Fall Winter 2020/21By giving voice to the desire to bring back lost dreams, we find ourselves in a continuous heterotopic journey. There are numerous references to icons of Italian musical and artistic culture, fighting an ironic war against the great renunciation of masculine decorativism.

Reamerei opts for an ephemeral concept of seasonality, in fact designers love to conceive their creations as pieces that belong to a timeless wardrobe that is enriched over time and space.Reamerei Fall Winter 2020/21The concept of the Metropolitan Crisis, in a felt need to escape, proceeds with the narration of an inner war between roles and freedom. Practical garments, apparently militaristic, suggest an ironic and floral sensuality, including crop tops and regular trousers, tight-fitting chenille harnesses, shirts and multi-pocket trousers and explosive decorations.The prints continue to celebrate the pride of the feminine and show curious rich apocalyptic scenarios of references.

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