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Pinalli Pro Expert

The versatility of Pinalli Pro Expert

by Adele Decarolis
Thanks to 30 years of activity and success in the beauty sector, Pinalli creates the versatile Pinalli Pro Expert collection, a line that offers high quality professional tools perfectly suited to take care of your own look, just as an expert would do. This collection is exclusively available only in a Pinalli store and on pinalli.it.

Pinalli Pro Expert consists of four different lines, each composed of multiple products, suitable to respond in an excellent way to every need:

The Art of Pureness includes all the essential tools for daily beauty routine, such as the 100% pure cotton hemmed cleansing discs, the brush cleaner, the micellar oil cleansing wipes suitable for all skin types, makeup sponges, micellar water cleansing wipes that give freshness to the skin, two types of nail polish remover, one with acetone and the other one without it, and finally a makeup remover cloth.Pinalli Pro Expert TemperinoThe Art of Shadow is a line created specifically to express your own art of beauty. It consists of a makeup pen that contains accessories of 4 different functions, makeup applicators eyes with sponges that allow an excellent adhesion of the product, and multiple types of makeup sponges, from those suited for liquid products to those perfect for powdered products.

The Art of Precision, which contains tools created in order to define in the smallest details your beauty routine. This line is composed of two types of nail clippers (one for cuticles and one for nails), a nail file, scissors, and also a double hole sharpener for both standard diameter cosmetic pencils and bigger pencils.Pinalli Pro Expert_Nail Polish Remover con acetone

Health & beauty is a line containing the essential products for this emergency period: a pocket sanitizer and a sanitizer spray. The hand sanitizing gel is composed of 75% alcohol nad it’s suitable to be carried in any place in order to have always disinfected and soft hands. The spray, very practical too, is perfect to disinfect every surface, and it can also be used on masks.

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